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Friday, August 24, 2012

surviving off 4 hours of sleep today
why you ask? why indeed. 
sour thoughts to go with my sour stomach
and droopy eyes
sleeping dog, cloudy skies, warm mug of tea, 
its a cozy kind of morning
lists, plans, and trivial ideas; daily monotony 
helping to sweep the pivotal thoughts under the rug
I've always been good at sweeping
only 9 lines of purging, but it helps, oh does it ever.
oh, that helps too.  
sometimes I would rather write than talk, is that weird?
blank pages are listening ears and non judgmental friends
they get it, they get me.
books.poems.song lyrics
the ones about love are always my favorite
I survived on the breath that you finish with
no words will describe anything more perfectly
oh, I love you, so truly madly deeply
sometimes its intoxicating, overwhelming
where do you end and I begin?
powerful, life-changing, young love.
last sip of tea, and I'm ready for a nap....

your turn.
Go here  and read Cait's, she's great. 

happy friday & enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I love these! It allows your readers to get a look inside of you without all the mush that sometimes comes with a very personal post :) And it surely does seem like a good way to get your thoughts out. I might have to try it sometime!