rainy afternoon thoughts

Saturday, September 29, 2012

whoaaa September, where have you gone?!  It is honestly a bittersweet feeling seeing you walk out the door.  But I have learned a few good lessons during your stay, so I am sure that counts for something....

a rainy Saturday afternoon; tea and candles, keyboard clicking and dog snoring; the coziness in the room is almost tangible.....

must buy pumpkins.  I am feeling the need to purchase anything having to do with fall.  mustard-yellow cardigan: check.  farmer's market yankee candle: check.{fall in a jar} pumpkin spice coffee creamer: check. Still on the list: apple cider, mums, boots {technically booties}, pumpkins. ohhh pumpkins.....

itching to get away.  to travel, to experience, to get lost.  To drink good wine and taste new foods, to not use maps or a gps.  I am a firm believer that traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and  I am ready.

learning lately that some things are best left unsaid, understated can be powerful and that some days it is quite ok to just braid your hair and not wear makeup.....

listening more intently to song lyrics lately, so much said in such musical & whimsy ways.  I'm envious of songwriters.  lots of Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer lately...just to name a few...

I'm really loving this blogging thing more than ever lately.  I think I have found my balance.  My words now are more pure, inspired and thoughtful.  I'm learning and certainly loving this journey.  Excited for a new look, and hopefully a few more listening ears....

glancing over at my husband who's drinking lady grey tea and enjoying this cozy afternoon just as much as I am.  Loving this quiet time with him and Lucy.  and yes, real men drink hot tea ;).....

sand sand everywhere

Thursday, September 27, 2012

So this past Sunday on our way back up the Outer Banks we stopped at one of coolest places I have ever been too.  Jockey's Ridge is the tallest natural sand dune system on the east coast!  Mountainous sand dunes for miles; a great place for exploring, hang-gliding, kite flying and so much more, like sand-boarding {say what!?!}.  Chris and I both have never been here, so we knew it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  I find it funny how I have lived in North Carolina my entire life and there are still so many things I haven't experienced.
Running up and down the dunes, we looked like kids, and felt like it too.  We hiked to highest peak sat down and took in the amazing views.
Being the "adults" we are, we decided to take "super cool" pictures of one another jumping from the dunes.  Hundreds{not kidding} of pictures, sore muscles and sand everywhere, made for one of the best afternoons ever.
Conclusion: I'm not a very good jumper.  Oh well.  Chris on the other hand, is good at everything, so go figure, he was great at dune-jumping too. We fell, ran, and jumped for hours! and here are our best dune jumping pictures to prove it!
I love Chris' face in this one, and my jump with the ballerina toe pointed perfectly is actually pretty cool too.  I cannot tell you how awesome this afternoon was, words and even our pictures don't really do it justice.  So if you are ever in the Nags Head, NC area, Go! you will love it, oh! and bring a kite!
Days like these are what life is truly all about.  So go jump off a dune or something, it will make you see things differently...I promise.

a weekend for the books

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sipping on a warm cup of earl gray and feeling the crisp morning air blow easily through the windows excites my heart.  It is here, autumn is back.  

I cannot begin to describe how perfect the weekend was.  No great adjectives would do it justice, all I can say is after a few weeks of lonelinessdisappointments, the flu, and generally not feeling truly "like myself" this weekend was well deserved & needed.  It warmed my soul, breathing me, in a way, back to life; back to myself.
Thursday night we started things off right with margaritas & Mexican food.  A tribute to our untaken vacation & a cheers to concurring the flu. katie-1 : flu-0.  A Friday off and time together; we did lazy things, ate at our favorite lunch place, then occupied two comfy arm chairs while sipping Starbucks almost all afternoon.
Saturday, we did normal household things like, buy mouse traps & finish projects that were way overdue. Lighting candles, putting out seasonal decorations and an evening cookout with friends; with pumpkin beer, crab claws, and my favorite zucchini-corn fritters was how we welcomed the first day of fall.
Sunday morning, we headed down to the OBX for some kite surfing {this is how I kite surf}. When the winds changed so did our plans, we drove back up to Nags Head and landed at the coolest park I have ever been too.  Hundreds of pictures, sore muscles, and sand in places ......well, you get the idea ;)  but more on that tomorrow, it deserves a post of its own. (yes! it was that cool)
A quick stop at the Tanger Outlets, where Chris bought me a present.  It was his "I'm sorry about Mexico and working so much lately" gift.  I'm a spoiled rotten girl, end of story.  He didn't have to get me anything, something I told him repeatedly, but hey, I wasn't going to object!  It is safe to say I'm on the road to recovery from my Mexicoma.

The start of a new season always makes me feel renewed, rejuvenated, and happy.   This autumn thing is pretty great I think....

the ONLY good thing about the flu

Thursday, September 20, 2012

happy flu season!

I've spent the majority of the week cuddled up in my comfy spot on the couch, with the essentials: Gatorade, pillow, remote, thermometer, snugly dog,....

finally feeling like a human today, but man! this flu thing is rough.  It sure kicked me in the butt, I'm just hoping Chris doesn't get it....I mean we all know how men are when the get a sore throat {they think they're dying} I would hate to see what would happen if he contracted the flu....

anywho, enjoy the day! and remember wash your hands, drink lots of fluids, and get a flu shot! :)


what's in a name

Monday, September 17, 2012

the epiphany I have been chewing on the past couple of weeks has offically been procrastinated long enough.    
What do you think?  I am kinda in love with it.  I think I just may do it.....

And a few from the weekend.

Improvising with candles & celebrating my grandpa's 82nd birthday, morning walks on the farm & afternoon walks at the beach.  Small town, island life at its finest.  It was a sweet visit.  

have the day you have
no pressure.

the best laid plans....

Monday, September 10, 2012

What is that saying about "the best laid plans"?.....well, sometimes things just don't work out as expected.....and sometimes, well, life happens....

We had to cancel our trip to Mexico, at the very last minute.  A huge bummer, I know.  Without going into too much detail, it had to do with work, {not mine, Chris'}.  We are both so sad to not be downing chips and margaritas while sunbathing with two of our best friends right now, but we wish them an amaaazzinngg vacation and a happy one year anniversary.

Wallowing in our sorrows, we needed a day to ourselves, time to relax, a small retreat; so we headed to our favorite spot on the outer banks.
A little kite surfing{Chris} and a lot of sunbathing{me} helped to ease away some of our sadness.  We had a picnic on the beach as well as a nap.  And watching some pretty amazing wind & kite surfing on waves compliments of tropical storm Leslie was completely awe-inspiring.
The view was spectacular and the beach was almost deserted, giving us a private show of God's breathtaking beauty.  It truly made our day brighter.  

Yes, we are disappointed about Mexico, but we will be fine.  We remedied our mexicoma* with lots of junk food, a day at the beach, and sweet time with each other.  Not like we planned, but our weekend was wonderful.

*sex and the city? duh.

last weekend of summer

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As I watched the neighborhood kids lug their over-sized backpacks and lunchboxes to the bus stop this morning, my heart smiled a bit.  The nostalgia of "first days of school" are always exciting; a new school year,  new friends, new teachers, and bigger books.

I love this time of the year, where you can actually feel, see, and taste the change in seasons.  The light is different, sunrises look a little more "fall" and the air, even though still hot, is singing a sweet reminder that cooler days are coming.  This last sweet weekend of summer merged both the outgoing and incoming seasons in a way that to us, was simply perfect.....
From afternoon walks on the beach, watching pods of dolphins play inches from the shore, drinking pumpkin beer, motorcycle rides that took us into north carolina, a delicious char-coal grilling surf & turf "farewell summer" dinner.....
to morning coffee chats, spending time with friends, garden sitting, tapas & martin's date night, and some extra lazy, extra enjoyable time in our favorite comfy couch spot. The long weekend was spent right, doing all the things we love.

Cheers to the new season, and a sweet farewell to the old;
 Summer, once again you were wonderfully memorable.  
Until next year......