a weekend for the books

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sipping on a warm cup of earl gray and feeling the crisp morning air blow easily through the windows excites my heart.  It is here, autumn is back.  

I cannot begin to describe how perfect the weekend was.  No great adjectives would do it justice, all I can say is after a few weeks of lonelinessdisappointments, the flu, and generally not feeling truly "like myself" this weekend was well deserved & needed.  It warmed my soul, breathing me, in a way, back to life; back to myself.
Thursday night we started things off right with margaritas & Mexican food.  A tribute to our untaken vacation & a cheers to concurring the flu. katie-1 : flu-0.  A Friday off and time together; we did lazy things, ate at our favorite lunch place, then occupied two comfy arm chairs while sipping Starbucks almost all afternoon.
Saturday, we did normal household things like, buy mouse traps & finish projects that were way overdue. Lighting candles, putting out seasonal decorations and an evening cookout with friends; with pumpkin beer, crab claws, and my favorite zucchini-corn fritters was how we welcomed the first day of fall.
Sunday morning, we headed down to the OBX for some kite surfing {this is how I kite surf}. When the winds changed so did our plans, we drove back up to Nags Head and landed at the coolest park I have ever been too.  Hundreds of pictures, sore muscles, and sand in places ......well, you get the idea ;)  but more on that tomorrow, it deserves a post of its own. (yes! it was that cool)
A quick stop at the Tanger Outlets, where Chris bought me a present.  It was his "I'm sorry about Mexico and working so much lately" gift.  I'm a spoiled rotten girl, end of story.  He didn't have to get me anything, something I told him repeatedly, but hey, I wasn't going to object!  It is safe to say I'm on the road to recovery from my Mexicoma.

The start of a new season always makes me feel renewed, rejuvenated, and happy.   This autumn thing is pretty great I think....


  1. Katie, this sounds like an awesome weekend! All the food you described is making me hungry. :) That's how I would kite surf, too, by the way. Haha.

  2. LOVE this! So glad you're feeling more like yourself. I'm in love with your new purse, too! Can Chris buy me a present for being the most awesomest BFF you have? ;)

  3. So glad you had a wonderful weekend... you deserve it!

    And I've been loooving seasonal brews... who would have thought this girl would turn into such a beer fanatic? (Don't worry, red wine will always be my first love, but all these pumpkin ales are hard to beat!)

    have a great day! xo

  4. Hi Katie. It was nice to read your blog and look at the pictures. How are you and Chris doing? My e-mail address is stroudp@email.carteret.edu.

  5. Katie,

    I hope things are going well with you and Chris. 'Give us a call next time you come to Morehead City.