last weekend of summer

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As I watched the neighborhood kids lug their over-sized backpacks and lunchboxes to the bus stop this morning, my heart smiled a bit.  The nostalgia of "first days of school" are always exciting; a new school year,  new friends, new teachers, and bigger books.

I love this time of the year, where you can actually feel, see, and taste the change in seasons.  The light is different, sunrises look a little more "fall" and the air, even though still hot, is singing a sweet reminder that cooler days are coming.  This last sweet weekend of summer merged both the outgoing and incoming seasons in a way that to us, was simply perfect.....
From afternoon walks on the beach, watching pods of dolphins play inches from the shore, drinking pumpkin beer, motorcycle rides that took us into north carolina, a delicious char-coal grilling surf & turf "farewell summer" dinner.....
to morning coffee chats, spending time with friends, garden sitting, tapas & martin's date night, and some extra lazy, extra enjoyable time in our favorite comfy couch spot. The long weekend was spent right, doing all the things we love.

Cheers to the new season, and a sweet farewell to the old;
 Summer, once again you were wonderfully memorable.  
Until next year......

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  1. This sounds like an awesome weekend! I love tapas. :)