the ONLY good thing about the flu

Thursday, September 20, 2012

happy flu season!

I've spent the majority of the week cuddled up in my comfy spot on the couch, with the essentials: Gatorade, pillow, remote, thermometer, snugly dog,....

finally feeling like a human today, but man! this flu thing is rough.  It sure kicked me in the butt, I'm just hoping Chris doesn't get it....I mean we all know how men are when the get a sore throat {they think they're dying} I would hate to see what would happen if he contracted the flu....

anywho, enjoy the day! and remember wash your hands, drink lots of fluids, and get a flu shot! :)



  1. I'm glad that you're feeling better, Katie!

  2. Glad you are feeling better but so true...boys are such babies when they are sick!

  3. being sick is the worst! i hope you're back to 100% for the weekend! xo