hot dogs, pumpkins, & candy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

no big Halloween activities this year, but I'm quite alright with just handing out candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters while sipping on hot cider and munching on pumpkin seeds.  We didn't even dress up this year, but no worries, Lucy has that covered....
if you can't tell, she loves it {just a hint of sarcasm...}Most likely she will bark and try to chase away all the trick-or-treaters, but really, who is going to be scared of a vicious hot-dog?

And to get into the spirit of things, I carved our pumpkin last night. Better late than never right? So I had a pumpkin carving party for one in my kitchen, until Chris came home and helped me finish the darn thing.  My hands were so sore!  Darn you four-dollar-pumpkin-carving-kit!!
I'm hoping we have lots & lots of little trick-or-treaters tonight so I can stop eating all of this horrible candy.......or maybe not ;)

Happy Halloween!


safe and sound & ready to go!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hi sweet friends, the past few days have been pretty windy and rainy around these parts {as well as, Emerald Isle, because we are the only nerds I know who travel to the beach for the weekend during a hurricane...} But we are all safe and sound, pumpkins are back on the porch and the heat is on.  Literally, the cold front that Sandy brought with her made me turn our heat on days before November.  At least it worked, remember last year when our heater was broken until mid December!?! Golly, I'm thankful we don't have to deal with that again.

But as I sit in my faithful comfy chair on this chilly morning with a mug of detox tea, I see the sun peaking out from the rain clouds and I am thankful and happy, and very excited.  See, I haven't said anything about it yet on the blog, because it seems when I tell you about plans they don't actually happen; see here & here.  But my excitement is bursting at the seems and I just can't hold it in any longer.  On Thursday morning Chris and I are leaving for a cabin getaway to the mountains of Blowing Rock, North Carolina!!  Ekk! Happy dance!  I've had this planned since our Mexican vacation fell through, and we have been eagerly awaiting this much needed little getaway.  I can't wait to frolic in the colorful leaves, ride the motorcycle on the blue ridge parkway & discovery the sweet town of Blowing Rock, NC.  And honestly an adventure with my two favorites {chris & lucy, duh.}would be wonderful wherever we go.

Until then, I am prepping by reading my favorite  magazine, drinking ample amounts of pumpkin tea, and attempting to get Lucy into her Halloween costume by tomorrow....hmmmm.

Have a wonderful and safe Tuesday!

And I'm off to buy long underwear! Wish me luck! :)


back to black

Thursday, October 25, 2012

If you took a peek into my closet you would see well, a mess, but also an array of colorful tops, skirts, and dresses. Oh my!  Normally, I am drawn to color.  Bright blues, lush greens, and of course those pretty in pink things I just can't resist.  But lately, whether it being October or because of these pesky few pounds that seem to creep on during Fall (I'm looking at you Halloween candy), I am filling my closet with more and more black.

Even before I painted my nails black my fashion choices have been leaning more towards the edgy & darker side.  Pulling out my leggings, leopard tops and black wedges over the brown boots and jeans that are my famous go-to's.  As I've gotten older I feel that I can finally "pull off" some of these dare I say, sexier looks.   So I'm all in, embracing a new side to my style by bringing a little sexy back by going back to black.
{too many song references in one sentence? nope. Shout-outs to JT and Amy Winehouse}

Here are a few things I'm dying to incorporate into my messy closet:
back to black
Ralph Lauren wrap top / H&M long sleeve shirt, / Ribbon, $/ Plein Sud stretch leather pants,  / Steve Madden /Miso clutch purse,  / Studded jewelry, / Kate Spade jewelry /  a x armani exchange

Velvet booties and black leather leggings!?!
I die.

So are you totally feeling my back to black look?  And what trends are you embracing as we all are getting older? (sigh.....)

think on that

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my tea has done it again, given me something deep and meaningful to ponder on this lazy tuesday afternoon...

hoping you're enjoying it as much as my dog is...


weekend discoveries

Monday, October 22, 2012

hello monday, another weekend gone, memories were made and a few discoveries as well.

.....the walking dead.  so Chris and I finally got netflix.  Solely for the purpose of starting this popular series from season one, maybe.  Great idea, I think so.  Sunday night we watched season one.  Yep, the entire season.  One word, phenomenal.  Ok, maybe a few more; intense, creepy, and addicting. festivals are pretty darn fun.   We spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon tasting wines from some of the best local winery's in Virginia.  The frozen peach Bellini was my favorite, but a sweet red wine with hints of raspberry and chocolate was a close contender.  I'm not much of a wine drinker, and my wine knowledge is as basic as it gets.  Reds with pasta, whites with fish, and boxes of wine for those lonely nights in, right?  It was an educational afternoon of swirling and sipping; I finally see what all the fuss is about with this red wine stuff.  delish!

.....the best cocktail meatballs ever.  I made these for the first time on Saturday.  They were to go with the oysters Chris got for our after-wine-festival-fun.  And let me tell you, holy meaty saucy goodness!  I lost count on how many I had.  Oysters are normally the front runner when having a cookout, but definitely not this time.  These meatballs were crazy good, so much in fact that we ate every single one.

.....Bonfire's are magical. Being so tired from our afternoon of wine sipping, and too full from dozens of meatballs, our plan to carve pumpkins fell by the way side, but that left us time to sit and enjoy our first fire of the season.  Truly nothing quite like sitting around the fire-pit on a chilly October night, taking in the cool air and gazing up at the stars. Simply magical.

....a picture-less weekend means you had a great one.  I find it funny how sometimes the best times aren't captured on film{or phone}.  Like this weekend, I took only one picture.  But none the less, a great one.

happy monday, enjoy the day.  and nope I didn't forget to tell you the plan we have up our sleeves, I'll let you in on that later this week....I know, the suspense is killing you!?! ;)


bad ass.

Friday, October 19, 2012

and that my friends, is a bad ass as I get.....

At home mani's & pedi's are my thing.  Not to brag, but I'm pretty good at them.  So why on earth would I go and spend sixty some dollars to have someone else paint, polish, and file?  But oh yes, I know the best part is the massage, but hey! isn't that what husbands are for? ;)

So when October rolls around I feel like its the perfect time to paint my pretty little nails a darker shade, and this year by darker, I mean black.  Usually the black polish sits at the bottom of the bag more often than not,  I'm more of a girly girl, the pink spectrum of the color wheel is kinda my best friend......but you know what?  I am totally loving this look!  It seems to go with everything, and even if it doesn't, it has an air of rebellion, of an exterior that's a little more hard ass and not so "cotton candy sweet."   I'm really digging that right now.   

so friends, I hope you have a great Friday and a fun weekend.  We have a few plans up our sleeve that I hope to tell you about next week.  Until then....xo!

deep fry your heart out

Thursday, October 18, 2012

One of my favorite October traditions is spending the day at the North Carolina State fair.  Ginormous pumpkins, prize winning cakes, hot apple cider, and baby piggies.  The one day a year where it's truly ok to eat a deep fried snickers.  While visiting friends in Raleigh this past weekend we stopped by the fair.  From ice cream to corn on the cob, to deep fried mac n cheese (ohhh yes!!) and giant turkey legs we had our fill of famous fair food while enjoying the perfect October day.
Its the same every year, which is probably why my husband is "over it".  But to me knowing my favorite hot dog stand will be in the exact same place, the line for NCstate ice cream will be a mile long, the man selling wooden toys in the village of yesteryear will have the same hand-painted trains, there will be free hush-puppies at the mill, and the announcer for the demolition derby will have the same raspy, ear-piercing, obnoxious voice as before; I still love it, the tradition, the nostalgia, the fair.  
The fair is still going on this week and upcoming weekend.  Go if you can! Get a deep fried cinnamon bun, or a Krispy Kreme burger, and ride the ferris wheel. Happy Fall! and Happy Fair season!


Friday, October 12, 2012

the past few mornings have looked like this....
hot mug of tea, pumpkin muffin, cozy blanket, and my current read*.....

there is just something so peaceful and refreshing about this morning time.  I am so blessed to have it.


as for the weekend, I am heading down to Raleigh, NC for some girl and good food, the NC State fair and some shopping.  Sounds like the perfect fall weekend to me.  Oh, and I am determined to buy a pumpkin at some point this weekend....even if it is the size of an apple I'm getting front porch is desperately needing to be pumpkin-d.

So I wish you a happy Friday and truly a wonderful weekend!


*who can figure out what I'm reading ;) 

feeling like fall

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simply loving our first real bout of cooler weather.  Once the temps drop below 60 I'm all in.  Long sleeves, scarves, boots, warm mugs of tea, pots of chili for dinner, and a why not throw a mid day pumpkin spice latte in there for fun!  As I drove by a pumpkin patch today, I swooned.  My fall-lovin heart is ready for a trip to the local pumpkin patch and a bonfire with apple cider.  ohhh and an oyster roast.

So as I pull out sweaters and scarves from the hidden depths of my closet I am eager to incorporate some old favorites and new pieces into my fall wardrobe. Here are a few fall accessories that I am currently loving for this season.

Fall Accessories
Jackets, scarves, and boots ohhh my!  A great pair of aviators work well in any season, but I honestly think they were made for Fall.  And those colorful statement necklaces that we couldn't get enough of this summer, well don't put them away.  They go great with solids and strips, and can dress up a plain long sleeve t-shirt any day.  And my leather backpack is old and broken in, but this one from coach is simply to die for.

so I ask, what are some of your favorite fall accessories?  and have you picked pumpkins yet?


detox tea

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I've always been a firm believer in eating from all food groups and maintaining portion control.  If I cut out carbs completely or diary, you better believe 4 days later I will be sitting there with a loaf of bread and pint of Ben & Jerry's.  Limiting myself just makes me want it more, human nature or something like that.....

I take Julia Childs words to heart, "everything in moderation, including moderation."  that's my motto for food and beyond.

but I think we all have times when we've gone through our favorite drive thru a few too many times...(I'm talking about you Chick fila)....or consumed more diet soda's  in one day than you care to admit, or gosh darnit, had mac and cheese for dinner two nights in a row!....(did I really just admit to that!) oh lord.

so in an effort to sort of "cleanse" my body or more accurately, myself from these bad habits, I have been drinking a lot more tea.  Herbal, green, black, really whatever is around.  I don't know why, but when I drink tea, I just "feel" healthier.  The warmth helps to keep the carb hunger pains at bay and a drizzle of honey gives me just the right amount of sweetness.

and by "cleanse" let me make myself clear, none of this lemon water with cayenne pepper for 7 days straight. more power to ya if that's your thing....but this girl can't handle it.  I've got to eat.

But what I have fallen in love with is this "DeTox" tea from Yogi tea products.   A mild tea, with a mixture of dandelion and herbs that help to gently cleanse your kidneys and liver...or so they say.....for me, I love the mild flavor and I honestly do feel more balanced and less lethargic.  I have at least 2 cups a day and I am feeling great.

an added bonus, the bags have words of wisdom......
some sayings are a little toooooo funky for my taste...but this one I liked.  It made me think.

What are some of your favorite ways to "cleanse" yourself from bad habits?
 Have you tried any other Yogi teas? what do you think?

I would love to know....


a reminder & a laugh

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seeing this verse stopped me in my tracks.  Do you ever have those moments? 
After reading it last night I had one.  
wow.  Thank you Lord for this reminder.  

And because sometimes you just need a good laugh.
it gets me every.single. time! 
 ha Ha HA! :) 

Happy Wednesday!

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sunday afternoon

Monday, October 1, 2012

choosing a favorite moment from another glorious weekend proved to be difficult, but surely not impossible......
the sound of seagulls and waves crashing into the shore, the wind in my face and the sight of an almost deserted beach..... 

a bike ride on the beach is one of his best ideas yet.  but what I think truly made this moment my favorite was simply his company....