deep fry your heart out

Thursday, October 18, 2012

One of my favorite October traditions is spending the day at the North Carolina State fair.  Ginormous pumpkins, prize winning cakes, hot apple cider, and baby piggies.  The one day a year where it's truly ok to eat a deep fried snickers.  While visiting friends in Raleigh this past weekend we stopped by the fair.  From ice cream to corn on the cob, to deep fried mac n cheese (ohhh yes!!) and giant turkey legs we had our fill of famous fair food while enjoying the perfect October day.
Its the same every year, which is probably why my husband is "over it".  But to me knowing my favorite hot dog stand will be in the exact same place, the line for NCstate ice cream will be a mile long, the man selling wooden toys in the village of yesteryear will have the same hand-painted trains, there will be free hush-puppies at the mill, and the announcer for the demolition derby will have the same raspy, ear-piercing, obnoxious voice as before; I still love it, the tradition, the nostalgia, the fair.  
The fair is still going on this week and upcoming weekend.  Go if you can! Get a deep fried cinnamon bun, or a Krispy Kreme burger, and ride the ferris wheel. Happy Fall! and Happy Fair season!

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