safe and sound & ready to go!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hi sweet friends, the past few days have been pretty windy and rainy around these parts {as well as, Emerald Isle, because we are the only nerds I know who travel to the beach for the weekend during a hurricane...} But we are all safe and sound, pumpkins are back on the porch and the heat is on.  Literally, the cold front that Sandy brought with her made me turn our heat on days before November.  At least it worked, remember last year when our heater was broken until mid December!?! Golly, I'm thankful we don't have to deal with that again.

But as I sit in my faithful comfy chair on this chilly morning with a mug of detox tea, I see the sun peaking out from the rain clouds and I am thankful and happy, and very excited.  See, I haven't said anything about it yet on the blog, because it seems when I tell you about plans they don't actually happen; see here & here.  But my excitement is bursting at the seems and I just can't hold it in any longer.  On Thursday morning Chris and I are leaving for a cabin getaway to the mountains of Blowing Rock, North Carolina!!  Ekk! Happy dance!  I've had this planned since our Mexican vacation fell through, and we have been eagerly awaiting this much needed little getaway.  I can't wait to frolic in the colorful leaves, ride the motorcycle on the blue ridge parkway & discovery the sweet town of Blowing Rock, NC.  And honestly an adventure with my two favorites {chris & lucy, duh.}would be wonderful wherever we go.

Until then, I am prepping by reading my favorite  magazine, drinking ample amounts of pumpkin tea, and attempting to get Lucy into her Halloween costume by tomorrow....hmmmm.

Have a wonderful and safe Tuesday!

And I'm off to buy long underwear! Wish me luck! :)



  1. "pumpkins are back on the porch and the heat is on."

    isn't that just life? :) so glad you're safe and sound.

    i am BEYOND jealous of your upcoming getaway, but you certainly deserve it. enjoy! xoxo

  2. I had to turn the heat on in October too! Weird feeling!
    Oh, and me and my hubs are going to Hot Springs, NC in November! So excited! Hope you have a blast on your upcoming trip! :)