weekend discoveries

Monday, October 22, 2012

hello monday, another weekend gone, memories were made and a few discoveries as well.

.....the walking dead.  so Chris and I finally got netflix.  Solely for the purpose of starting this popular series from season one, maybe.  Great idea, I think so.  Sunday night we watched season one.  Yep, the entire season.  One word, phenomenal.  Ok, maybe a few more; intense, creepy, and addicting.

.....wine festivals are pretty darn fun.   We spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon tasting wines from some of the best local winery's in Virginia.  The frozen peach Bellini was my favorite, but a sweet red wine with hints of raspberry and chocolate was a close contender.  I'm not much of a wine drinker, and my wine knowledge is as basic as it gets.  Reds with pasta, whites with fish, and boxes of wine for those lonely nights in, right?  It was an educational afternoon of swirling and sipping; I finally see what all the fuss is about with this red wine stuff.  delish!

.....the best cocktail meatballs ever.  I made these for the first time on Saturday.  They were to go with the oysters Chris got for our after-wine-festival-fun.  And let me tell you, holy meaty saucy goodness!  I lost count on how many I had.  Oysters are normally the front runner when having a cookout, but definitely not this time.  These meatballs were crazy good, so much in fact that we ate every single one.

.....Bonfire's are magical. Being so tired from our afternoon of wine sipping, and too full from dozens of meatballs, our plan to carve pumpkins fell by the way side, but that left us time to sit and enjoy our first fire of the season.  Truly nothing quite like sitting around the fire-pit on a chilly October night, taking in the cool air and gazing up at the stars. Simply magical.

....a picture-less weekend means you had a great one.  I find it funny how sometimes the best times aren't captured on film{or phone}.  Like this weekend, I took only one picture.  But none the less, a great one.

happy monday, enjoy the day.  and nope I didn't forget to tell you the plan we have up our sleeves, I'll let you in on that later this week....I know, the suspense is killing you!?! ;)


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