a birthday/thanksgiving purge

Monday, November 26, 2012

As we walked into the arctic tundra that was our house last night after being in North Carolina for almost a week, we were ecstatic to be back home.  Crazy that Virginia Beach has taken on that name, I truly never thought that would happen.  So as Lucy rubbed her sweet little face on the soft carpet and creamy couches, I couldn't help but smile.  We're home.  

I'm feeling the need to recap.  Activities from my birthday and the holidays that ensued are taking up space in my head and thus not allowing any more memories to be made until I share them with you! (sadly, this is how my brain works..) So not blogging about some of my favorite days of the year would be like committing blog treason, so if you will, a purging of sorts...

Its pretty amazing what the power of hearing "happy birthday" thousands of times over will do to you.  It made me giddy.  So yes, I guess that means I'm still 5; but if loving the hundreds of "happy birthdays" and reveling in your one "special day" of the year makes you a kid, then I never want to grow up.  I felt the amazing birthday love,  but the one too many birthday margaritas didn't feel so good the next day....... all in all, a successful birthday that I dragged out for an entire week!  #typical

Still feeling the haziness & relaxation that a week at your parents house will do to you, or maybe it's the after effects from the ample amounts of turkey I ate.  Our Thanksgiving was filled with just the right amount of holiday-ness = awkward pictures, stress, eating too much food, naps by the fire, sibling joking.... there was green-jello salad, oysters, and cranberry sauce too. Truly a successful holiday when you bring home an army of leftovers and vow that next year, "we're simplifying!".

Black Friday, to me means waking up late and lazily drinking coffee while flipping through hundreds of adds and seeing the "fantastic deals" you can only get if you wake up at the butt crack of dawn and fight your way through the crowds.  (Holiday spirit and capitalism at its finest, folks.)  Instead we ate leftover turkey sandwiches, took the dogs for a walk and put up the Christmas tree.  But to be totally honest, we did do just a tad bit of shopping on black Friday.
I'm silly excited about our purchase, but guess who has played with it more than me? Chris.  Hopefully he will let me use it sometime this year ;)

I'm happy to be back home, pumpkins are coming off the porch and Christmas lights are going up. The garage will be busy this evening as we unpack those special boxes that grace our presence this time of year. Christmas music is on, dishwasher is humming, and I am ready for the calm chaos that the holidays are so popular for, to begin.

happy holidays


  1. Awesome new purchase and a great black friday deal I am sure! (Love your shirt in that photo by the way.) We skipped on Black Friday shopping and were hoping to get online deals on a new laptop when we woke up...but they were sold out! Guess the early bird gets the worm. Happy Birthday again!

  2. Makes my heart so happy to hear that VA is becoming home. :) I know how gorgeous Emerald Isle is, and I can personally testify to how hard it is to leave this area behind, but I know God has such big plans for you in Virginia Beach. (And we all know you'll always be a North Carolina girl at heart!)