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Thursday, November 15, 2012

 1. I am on pain meds.  2.This post is in no way a sympathy post.  But if you are so inclined to feel sorry for me and send Get Well wishes my way it would be totally appreciated ;)

guys, I'm sad.  I absolutely love this time of the year, like I've said before, November is my favorite month.  So much to see, to talk about, blog about!!  And I'm oh so sad because I am just not doing her justice. See I had big plans for this week; more pumpkin recipes, a romp in the leaves, birthday present shopping, a nice long run in the cool air and falling leaves, things one can only appreciate in November.

But nope.  I have been walloped with the worst ear infection of my life!  Ok, I think this is the first ear infection of my life, but still, totally utterly & completely the worst.  I never thought ear infections could be so painful and debilitating.  Guys, I can't hear a darn thing out of my right ear.  I am in so much pain I have been prescribed Vicodin.  I am not a big "pill popper", being on the petite side, these babies hit me hard.  So yes, they take the pain away, but I am also loopy and asleep most of the time.  Four days of ear drops, antibiotics, and cotton balls, and there has been little improvement.

Of course I've hit the panic button a few times.  Thinking and over exaggerating, wondering if this is something more, and thinking I don't have much time to live. Ok that's a little extreme, even for me.  But the thought has crossed my mind once or twice that I may lose my hearing in my right ear. A scary thought, but it helps put things into perspective.  Its just my ear, and I will be ok.{hopefully}

And on a superficial note, the only times I have been able to appreciate the gorgeous leaves our city is rockin  were on my two trips to the doctor.  And nothing productive has happened this week, no baking, running or leaf jumping.  Well, Lucy got a bath and I made a pot roast, but other than that, ......nothing.  The week before my birthday is always exciting.   I look forward to over planning and of course dragging out my birthday as long as possible, but this ear thing has put my overly excited heart{and ear} on hold.  I guess I can only hope to celebrate my birthday this weekend and next week.  oh well ;)

Golly, that sure is enough complaining for the next two weeks.  I just figured I'd wallow in my sorrows and let someone other than my husband hear my sob story.  He's heard it already.

Here's hoping you have had a better week than me!
And I'm off to the couch....

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  1. This sounds just terrible! I got lots of ear infections when I was younger, but I was too small the really remember the terror. Sending prayers & hugs your way... Hope you feel better soon! xo