& part 2

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When you have a part 1 of something, you normally have a suspicion part 2 is lurking somewhere around the corner.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday with our new camera in tow we captured some pretty great, enough to make two blog posts out of, moments.
skim sesh (should be read in coolest beach bum voice) of my brother and some of his friends on one of the best beach days in November.   Our favorite boat at the flotilla this year was the swan, perfect for the little historic town where this annual event takes place, Swansboro, NC.
The half lit Christmas tree and gas fireplace were gathering spots almost all weekend.  Whether watching football games{go Buckeyes/Redskins!} or chatting over heavily creamer-ed coffee; both of these places were enjoyed to the fullest.
Our annual birthday/Christmas get together with friends was once again a blast.  You know those people who make your life seem all the better when you're around them, well these people do that to me. I love them, end of story.  Cupcakes, self-timing pictures, tasty drinks, and present opening made for a festive evening.  My only wish would have been for the night to last longer.
Do you know how difficult it was to just select a handful of photos from the 600 we took over the weekend?! Pretty hard, my friends, pretty darn hard.  You're just lucky I'm not doing a part 3....

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