the miscellany of a new camera {part 1}

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our only Black Friday purchase resulted in something I have had my eyes on for quite some time now.  I've needed* a new camera for a while, seeing as my little Canon power-shot is almost four years old and was dropped on a rock in Jamaica (by my husband) a week after we bought it.  So on a whim this past friday we headed to only one store and picked up our new Canon Rebel T3i.  Yes the deal was good, and probably one of the reasons why we decided to spring for it, but really, my husband is an amazing man, and I am one lucky girl.  Although, he did play with it for a full 48 hours before I even got my hands on it, the truths of marrying an engineer.  

The rest of our Thanksgiving weekend went accordingly, but now each and every random moment was photographed; although very sorry we missed out on capturing Thanksgiving day itself.  

So this my friends is what you get when you have a new camera plus three eager, budding "photographers"....

Pardon my appearance in the last picture, but yes if you must know I was going for the hotmess look.  Besides Chris and I, my little brother Andrew, snapped his fair share of pictures.  I was impressed, but I don't know why, he shines in most everything he does; a very proud sister right here.

Over 600 pictures in a span of 3 days isn't too shabby for this baby "photographer".  Watch out world.

*I don't ever need anything.  


  1. LUCY!!! Such a cute muffin, can't get over it! Your camera takes a great picture.

  2. Josh and I bought a T3i right before we got married, and we loooove it! Have fun experimenting with it!