reveling in the grump

Monday, December 3, 2012

happy monday, or whatever...rolled out of bed tired and slightly grumpy {yes. I admit it} In hopes of turning my frown upside down and getting myself out of whatever funk I am in, a hot cup of coffee and sitting in front of the Christmas tree sounded like just the ticket.  or so I thought.  as I sit down, my clumsy self spills hot coffee everywhere or more specifically all over our cream colored couch.  crap.  And as I clean it up, banging cabinets and such, cursing the monday gods letting them know my frustration towards the world, I think if this is how my week is going to start out, then I would like a "Pass" please...

overreacting, negative, and bratty: those 3 words pretty much sum up the paragraph above.  But hey, sometimes you just feel that way, right?! reveling  in the grump, to me, is so much better than "working through it", "staying positive", and being as fake as my parents Christmas tree.  At least I admit to being totally and completely obnoxious.

95% of the time I am a half glass full kinda person, so on those slim 5% days when mustering up positivity is like getting my husband to do dishes{pretty damn impossible} I feel ok in allowing myself to wallow in my grumpy state.

So as you sit and read this, and are most likely wondering "why is she being a total brat?", well if you are a girl you will understand, and if you are a boy, then I'm surprised you are here & even more surprised you're still reading.  And if you are just popping by this little spot for the first time and this is your first taste of "Life as we know it" then I'm sorry, but Life sure does have those days now doesn't it?  But not to worry, I will be back with pictures from the weekend and happy words once again.  Just not today friends, not today.
And I'm off to run run the crap out of this mood.



  1. Isn't it the worst? I feel like I've been extra grouchy lately, with deadlines and to-do lists... I find myself acting snappy, frustrated, and impatient. I feel like I'm not truly enjoying what is always my favorite time of the year. It's the worst! Running is usually a good way to shake it. And a vacation would be nice... :)

    I'm sure today will be a better day for you! xoxo

  2. I spilled coffee on our couch recently, too! Ugh. It's so hard to shake a bad mood. I hope you're feeling better!