the boots

Monday, January 14, 2013

If you're going to visit Texas you must leave with either cowboy boots or a hat, that was our thinking anyway. So while we were there over the holidays Chris and I were eagerly in search of authentic, made in Texas, cowboy boots!  {Although, I was quickly informed that in Texas they are just called boots, my bad.}  So on our second day in the Lonestar state, after a Texas sized breakfast we headed to a local boot store to shop.  And after a few hours, Chris and I both walked out with our first pair of cowboy boots.
Chris'{on the left} are lizard skin! And mine{on the right} are goat!  Who knew that the exotic skins were the way to go, although pricy, they are made better and  if I do say so myself look super cool; and I kinda love seeing peoples reactions when we tell them what skin they're made of.  But now look, don't go all PETA on me at least I didn't get elephant or hippo skin.
I was a little worried about breaking them in, I've heard some horror stories about how long it can take and painful it can be.  But wearing them every day in Texas and even on our flight back home was all it took to make them the most comfortable pair of boots I own.  Now I don't want to take them off!  Even though we are probably the only people walking around Virginia Beach in cowboy boots, we wear them almost every day. 
These babies go great with anything.  Jeans, leggings, dresses, I haven't tried them with shorts yet, but you bet your sweet cheeks once temperatures rise above 80 degrees I will try to rock these boots with anything, even a bikini.  Not even kidding, I am so in love.  And Chris, well you probably won't see him sporting his lizard skin boots with board shorts, he wears them with pretty much anything else, and might I say he looks darn good in them too.



  1. Ben walked around VA in his boots! The boy is from Texas and likes to show it off too. ha! I am loving y'alls! Ben would be drooling over Chris's if he saw them and I am drooling over yours!

  2. I want cowboy boots so badly!! Yours look great!