Tuesday, February 26, 2013

 My sweet girl slept on my lap while I sipped my morning coffee and watched the rain trickle down the window on a deary Saturday morning.  Peaceful and calm, a thoughtful moment where I sipped and smiled, just being thankful and happy.

This quite moment was sandwiched in between an impromptu Friday night out in Downtown Norfolk, Mexican food and margaritas on Saturday afternoon, and a Sunday fun-day where my husband grilled some of the best wings I have ever eaten.  Maybe if I get permission, I will share his recipe.

We are eager and so ready for warmer weather.  "I can't wait for summer" comes out of our mouths at least 3 times a day now.  Countless summer plans forming in both of our heads; making each summer "the best one yet" is always and forever our goal.

Fun, creative, and inspiring things twirling around in my head lately.  Isn't that such a great feeling?!  Other great things: a new job!, a smaller pants size, feeling more & more like a runner, Girl Scout cookie season, life-long friends near and far, and a husband who still surprises me.

Gushing about all this happiness is a little silly, I know.  Life is life and tomorrow may be gray, but right now, I feel it is perfectly ok to gush a bit about all this joy bouncing around in my heart.

But for now this happy girl has a diet to break, those thin mints are calling my name!


if the music is good

Friday, February 22, 2013

Plain and simple. 

Remember this weekend to: 
celebrate without even having a reason to, enjoy the little moments,
 and have an extra cup of coffee.

Happy Friday! 

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for the birds

Thursday, February 21, 2013

 The only reason I can smile at these pictures is because I know Spring is on the horizon.  As I've gotten older I've realized more and more I am not a fan of Winter.  She's too cold and deary for me.  Maybe its because I grew up at the beach or because my feet prefer flip-flops over boots & socks?  But this Winter thing is for the birds.  I prefer the months where if given the chance, you could spend the entire day outside. So Spring, you sure are welcome to make an early appearance this year, I don't really think anybody would mind.


a few belated kisses

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When my friend Stephanie asked if I wanted to spend the afternoon covering her sweet little boy in kisses, I could hardly refuse. We could tell by his flirty little grin that he didn't mind all the lipstick or all the kisses.  And I know Valentine's Day is over, but seriously, is he not the cutetest little valentine you have ever seen?



Monday, February 18, 2013

Ironic that this is the same kid who was scared of the ocean growing up.  Now he never seems to leave.  I love watching him perfect his sport, even though I did get distracted by barnacles and that ever-changing sunset, but I'm not surprised.  Who grows up in a place where a 5 minute bike ride is the only thing standing in your way of this view? We're pretty lucky kids.

like a boss

Friday, February 15, 2013

Written at home a few days ago.

Currently my brother and I are squished together on the couch, both buried in our computers and phones, but I promise, we are spending time together.  The sound of basketball games coming from the TV and four sleepy dogs spread throughout the living room is how things look at home, and I love it.  Visiting my parents on the island I grew up on, in the house I was raised in, is always peaceful and rejuvenating.  This visit has been no different.

Written today:

Visiting my parents always makes my heart happy and a little more full.  Its sweet how they always fit me right back into their lives and schedules when I make my occasional impromptu visits.  It's like I've never even left.

Alas, I am still playing catch-up, a whirlwind weekend{last} and week will do that to you.  Back in Virginia and there are pink buds on the trees.  That alone I would have come back for, but I had a hot Valentine date with a drooly 8 month old and a husband who I hadn't seen in a week.  I love love, but I'm glad Valentine's Day is over and that the husband didn't buy me chocolates, because I would've had to play nice and eat them.

Crazy happy that today is Friday, looking forward to our unplanned and usual shenanigans that have been consuming our weekends lately.  Rockin our mid-twenties like a boss, and loving it.


Hint: I want this for Valentine's Day

Friday, February 8, 2013

No beating around the bush, no subtlety, no hints.  This is what I want for Valentine's Day.
Happy online shopping babe!  Love you.

oh, and maybe a beautiful bouquet of peonies to go along with it!?!  I'm not really asking for much, at least its not a *vacation or a giant 5 foot teddy bear*....

*past Valentine's Day surprises from the hubs.  what a guy...

on my mind...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

comfy chair, snoring dog, half full cup of coffee going cold
morning rituals that are quite peaceful
words aren't flowing like usual
countless reasons why, but truly only one matters
losing myself to a confused and out-of-sorts phase
hoping to add and subtract the good and the bad that come with sort of thing.
Facing problems, storms, head-on is not my way.
I run, I escape to a comfortable place
somewhere I can displace myself, from myself
away from the fear, the real, the awkward
Ignoring makes it all go away, right?
Aching for my refuge
the saltwater, the sand, the hot tea, and the one who always listens.
Tears are good, helping you to realize if feelings are completely true
or utterly ridiculous, mine usually lean more towards the latter.
Humor is mostly a mask, used to cover up deep feelings, true emotions.
Another way to hide.
February again, this one is different but yet so the same.
Cold and gray, naked limbs; no color, no warmth.
Same dreams of the sun and the seasons she brings with her.
Faded friendships but new ones forming.
Some people stay for a short visit others for your whole life.
The "lifers" are my favorite, but the visitors teach great things too.
New opportunities, same struggles, damn you anxiety.
Planning my escape, the island is calling, and I will always answer.

your turn.