like a boss

Friday, February 15, 2013

Written at home a few days ago.

Currently my brother and I are squished together on the couch, both buried in our computers and phones, but I promise, we are spending time together.  The sound of basketball games coming from the TV and four sleepy dogs spread throughout the living room is how things look at home, and I love it.  Visiting my parents on the island I grew up on, in the house I was raised in, is always peaceful and rejuvenating.  This visit has been no different.

Written today:

Visiting my parents always makes my heart happy and a little more full.  Its sweet how they always fit me right back into their lives and schedules when I make my occasional impromptu visits.  It's like I've never even left.

Alas, I am still playing catch-up, a whirlwind weekend{last} and week will do that to you.  Back in Virginia and there are pink buds on the trees.  That alone I would have come back for, but I had a hot Valentine date with a drooly 8 month old and a husband who I hadn't seen in a week.  I love love, but I'm glad Valentine's Day is over and that the husband didn't buy me chocolates, because I would've had to play nice and eat them.

Crazy happy that today is Friday, looking forward to our unplanned and usual shenanigans that have been consuming our weekends lately.  Rockin our mid-twenties like a boss, and loving it.


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