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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

comfy chair, snoring dog, half full cup of coffee going cold
morning rituals that are quite peaceful
words aren't flowing like usual
countless reasons why, but truly only one matters
losing myself to a confused and out-of-sorts phase
hoping to add and subtract the good and the bad that come with sort of thing.
Facing problems, storms, head-on is not my way.
I run, I escape to a comfortable place
somewhere I can displace myself, from myself
away from the fear, the real, the awkward
Ignoring makes it all go away, right?
Aching for my refuge
the saltwater, the sand, the hot tea, and the one who always listens.
Tears are good, helping you to realize if feelings are completely true
or utterly ridiculous, mine usually lean more towards the latter.
Humor is mostly a mask, used to cover up deep feelings, true emotions.
Another way to hide.
February again, this one is different but yet so the same.
Cold and gray, naked limbs; no color, no warmth.
Same dreams of the sun and the seasons she brings with her.
Faded friendships but new ones forming.
Some people stay for a short visit others for your whole life.
The "lifers" are my favorite, but the visitors teach great things too.
New opportunities, same struggles, damn you anxiety.
Planning my escape, the island is calling, and I will always answer.

your turn.


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  1. LOVE! I've been feeling a good bit of frustration lately and it's nice that your blog is one of my escapes :) love you.