Tuesday, February 26, 2013

 My sweet girl slept on my lap while I sipped my morning coffee and watched the rain trickle down the window on a deary Saturday morning.  Peaceful and calm, a thoughtful moment where I sipped and smiled, just being thankful and happy.

This quite moment was sandwiched in between an impromptu Friday night out in Downtown Norfolk, Mexican food and margaritas on Saturday afternoon, and a Sunday fun-day where my husband grilled some of the best wings I have ever eaten.  Maybe if I get permission, I will share his recipe.

We are eager and so ready for warmer weather.  "I can't wait for summer" comes out of our mouths at least 3 times a day now.  Countless summer plans forming in both of our heads; making each summer "the best one yet" is always and forever our goal.

Fun, creative, and inspiring things twirling around in my head lately.  Isn't that such a great feeling?!  Other great things: a new job!, a smaller pants size, feeling more & more like a runner, Girl Scout cookie season, life-long friends near and far, and a husband who still surprises me.

Gushing about all this happiness is a little silly, I know.  Life is life and tomorrow may be gray, but right now, I feel it is perfectly ok to gush a bit about all this joy bouncing around in my heart.

But for now this happy girl has a diet to break, those thin mints are calling my name!



  1. Best feeling in the world!

    New job?! Details.

  2. Those are a lot of great things to celebrate! Congrats! :)

  3. Where are you working?! That is so exciting! Cuddling with Lucy and a cup of coffee on a rainy morning sounds absolutely wonderful. :)