love & hate

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1. I LOVE Thursdays that are actually Fridays.  Long weekends are seriously the best, spending them in your favorite coastal town with you family just makes it that much better.

2. I LOVE my spin class days.  I do a spin class two days a week and those workouts are always my favorite.  Want to burn over 800 calories in a hour? duh. Want to push yourself & see how strong you actually are?  Try spin, I promise you will get addicted.

3.  I LOVE basketball.  More games on tonight; cheering for my Buckeyes & Blue Devils this weekend.  Tonight I will cheer them on with a nice cold happy-long-weekend/spring-break to me! beer.  

4.  I LOVE my new mint skinny's, they go with EVERYTHING.  So far pink lace + mint is my favorite combination.  Also loving my new Aztec print dress & sheer animal-print top.  I told Chris I am going for more of a boho-chic look this summer.  He gave me his, "I don't really know what that means, but I love you anyways" smile.  He's so cute.
5.  I HATE that Spring is being stubborn and taking her sweet time to arrive.  Other than 1 glorious 60 degree day it has been down right cold.  For heavens sake we had snow & sleet last week, in Virginia Beach mind you.  This ish is cray.

6.  I LOVE blog posts inspired by blog comments.  Thanks Cait!  You the best :)

Happy Thursday, enjoy the rest of your week & have a EGGcelent weekend!  haha...too much?!?


March Madness

Monday, March 25, 2013

So basketball has officially taken over my life for the time being.  I wake up thinking about it and go to sleep dreaming about it.  You could call it a slight obsession if you really wanted to.  I find it funny, I'm the sports fanatic in the family, not Chris.   But he doesn't seem to mind too much, he knows in a month it will all be over & he can have his TV back.  I do try and appease him by making homemade pizza and surprising him with a 6-pack of his favorite beer.  But he is wise to my schemes and fully understands the next ten hours will be filled with watching college basketball.  Surprisingly, he offered to grill-out wings this weekend in honor of March Madness; so grill we did, in the rain with that secret recipe that is oh so delicious.

Other weekendy things:
An early morning breakfast at our favorite spot, making him watch me try on jeans for over an hour(God bless him), a run at the park followed by a much needed stop at Whole foods for healthy goodies, protein bars & beer, and some last minute Easter basket shopping.

Oh, and you know that glorious feeling you get when your taxes are done?  Yeah, that happened this weekend too.

And just a tad bit of basketball was watched, just a tad.
And I'm sure you want to know that my bracket is still looking good.  My teams are still in and moving on to the next round, which isn't until Thursday so I will let Chris have the TV until then.  


Shamrock on

Thursday, March 21, 2013

As promised, those photos from Saturday's race and St. Patty's day celebrating that followed...
We've got skills, you know it!  Just check out those sexy running legs.  Such a great day, made even better with great friends.  And I'm still wearing my green wrist band in case you wanted to know....

All photos taken by Stephanie Honeycutt, check out her photography website!

4.9 miles & a little bit of Irish whiskey

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Embarrassingly enough, even now, several days later I can't stand to take off my green wrist band from the post-race party from this past Saturday. You know how when you're a kid and you look forward to something sooo much, you're just so eager & happy with anticipation and then "it" happens!  Then, well everything's over because time is funny like that and doesn't stand still.  And you're just left feeling sad, sad that the day has passed, the event is over, and you are positively certain it couldn't have gone any better or been more perfect?  Well, I guess you can tell how I feel about this past Saturday and why I'm still wearing this faded green wrist band...

Our race, the entire day really, was perfect.  So cliche, I know but truly it was.   I ran great & beat last year's race time by over 9 minutes.  So yeah, I'm pretty happy, oh and proud.  As I've been posting my score on all things social media the past few days, I'm pretty sure I'm leaning towards the obnoxious side of gloating; but it's just for a few days longer, I'm having fun.

The rest of Saturday afternoon we celebrated St. Patrick's Day the best we know how.  With best friends, good food{corned beef, cabbage, Irish cheddar cheese, you know the essentials...}Irish beer, and just a little bit of Irish whiskey ;)  St. Patty's day done right.

I'm already searching for my next race to sign up for and you better believe I will be running next year's shamrock 8k.  Its safe to say I'm hooked on this running thing.

I didn't take any pictures all day, but my friend Stephanie, who is also a photographer, got some great shots of us after the race and crossing the finish line.  I can't wait to share them with you!
All I have is this awkwardly cute, self timed "family shot" of us before the race.  But I kinda love it.

Oh, and because I'm still gloating....why not!


spring v. 1

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring, she comes in phases, and I would say we are both pretty excited about it.  (me and Lucy)


race it

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm nervous but fairly excited for the race this weekend.  This will be my second 8k race (4.9miles) oh and guess what! Chris is running with me.  Well, not exactly with me, I'm sure he will beat my time by at least ten minutes or so, something to do with his longer legs...

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't do as well as I wanted to last year.  I could give you the list of (pretty legit) excuses  as to why, but let's face it I just didn't train as hard or push myself.  As I crossed the finish line and wiped my disappointed tears away, I already knew I would be singing up next year.

So here we are one year later, the race is this Saturday and my goal is to beat last year's time, proving to myself that I am strong, that I can challenge and push myself, and that I am a runner.  Big goals, lots of running, cross-training, protein bars, a few blisters and even more sweat; but I'm ready.

Oh yeah, and after the race there will be a party on the beach with green beer & live music!  A happy St. Patty's day for sure!  Looking forward to decorating myself with green beads and "kiss me I'm Irish" things and (hopefully) celebrating a good run!

If you have any running/race advice I would love to know? Playlist ideas? Special moves? Water stops: love em or hate em? & Yes, I know margaritas and Mexican food isn't the best idea for the night-before-race-dinner.  Oh lord.  I've learned my lesson, trust me.

Last year's race results, bib and medal.  



Monday, March 11, 2013

Breakfast on Saturday morning, we got there early enough to get the morning drink special, before 9am which uncharacteristically early for us.  A bloody Mary for him and a mimosa for me, then there was the cinnamon swirl French toast and eggs Benedict with crab, who wouldn't want to come back to this place?

The Broken Egg for the locals who want to know....


good morning, its friday

Friday, March 8, 2013

Good morning friends.  My steaming cup of heavily creamer'd coffee and snoozing corgi are in their proper place, by my side.  The sun is cascading in through my dog-nose decorated windows and the heater is humming quite nicely; its peaceful and beautiful.  Mornings must be my favorite.

Are you a morning person?  I never really thought I was.  Always hopeful in trying to steer clear of the peppiness my mom always had as she glided into our rooms in the morning singing her "time to get up" tune in the cheeriest voice she had.  She is definitely a morning person, and I guess, so am I.

Its Friday again, and that alone makes me smile.   Other things doing that:

....the pink buds that keep getting bigger and bigger on our front oak tree; sweetly reminding me that "Spring is coming, they promise."

....the delicious spice rubbed flank steak that is simmering in the crock-pot this morning, beef carnitas tacos for dinner, a happy Friday indeed. of my favorite holidays will be here soon!  Green beer, corned beef, and my second shamrock 8k race with my husband and some best friends will make next weekend one of my favorites.

....getting stronger, running longer, and looking better!  A little more than ten pounds lost, a few more to go, but gosh darnit does it feel good!!

What is making you smile lately?  I would love to hear.

Oh, and how about a yummy recipe for your weekend.
I made these last Sunday for breakfast, that turned into brunch because we're lazy like that.  Perfect little bites of egg, ham, and cheese.  Pair with a glass of OJ, a hot cup of joe, and your husbands oversized T-shirt and you have yourself the perfect weekend morning.

Happy weekending friends!

Oh and don't forget to Spring your clocks forward Saturday night!Yay for more hours of daylight!
Spring, is that you I hear knocking?!


permanetly inked

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh such a girly thing to do, to write an entire blog post on if to get a tattoo. {cute poet}
So instead of a lengthy description, meaningless words, or my personal wishy-washyness; I simply ask,
Yes or No? Opinions, words of wisdom, cautionary tales?  I would appreciate them all.
But just so you know, I do know exactly what tattoo I will get and where I will get it.  I believe I can love something and have it permanently inked on my body if it is very meaningful and personal to me.   My tattoo will be.


miscellany lately

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

winter sunset. charbroiled. "carolina on my mind". lingering valentine love. pops of Spring. home. 
secret recipe. 


Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh hey there March! its so nice to see you, and you Friday, its always great when you roll back around.

Having a weekday job makes me even more excited and happy for the weekends {if that's even possible}. Loving this new job too.  Did I tell you?  I'm a nanny now.  I take care of some great kids every afternoon and get to play with their adorable dogs.  Now how cool is that?  Its perfect for me, the hours, the schedule, the consistency, the fun.  I keep pinching myself,  saying "is this real?" and its "too good to be true", and other cliche lines that are all appropriate for this amount of happiness I'm feeling right now.

Taking this quiet Friday morning to enjoy an extra cup of coffee and sit at my computer a little longer.  A short break from routine is good sometimes, and I need to give my hip a rest, its still screaming at me from yesterday's run.

Hoping to add a little more fashion to this blog.  Chris, being the wonderful husband he is, has agreed to play along and take outfit pictures whenever the mood strikes me.  It normally happens when I throw a look together and instantly love it.  Like this one!  Basically a walking Target add;  everything I'm wearing, except the boots and the sunglasses are from that wonderfully addictive store.  This outfit was perfect for our Sunday-Funday last week.
Fingers crossed for some of that glorious weather to return this weekend.  No set plans for our weekend as of yet, but we normally make ours at the last minute anyway.

So have a joyful weekend and remember to:
splurge a little, smile at the daffodils, and give in to last minute plans...