Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh hey there March! its so nice to see you, and you Friday, its always great when you roll back around.

Having a weekday job makes me even more excited and happy for the weekends {if that's even possible}. Loving this new job too.  Did I tell you?  I'm a nanny now.  I take care of some great kids every afternoon and get to play with their adorable dogs.  Now how cool is that?  Its perfect for me, the hours, the schedule, the consistency, the fun.  I keep pinching myself,  saying "is this real?" and its "too good to be true", and other cliche lines that are all appropriate for this amount of happiness I'm feeling right now.

Taking this quiet Friday morning to enjoy an extra cup of coffee and sit at my computer a little longer.  A short break from routine is good sometimes, and I need to give my hip a rest, its still screaming at me from yesterday's run.

Hoping to add a little more fashion to this blog.  Chris, being the wonderful husband he is, has agreed to play along and take outfit pictures whenever the mood strikes me.  It normally happens when I throw a look together and instantly love it.  Like this one!  Basically a walking Target add;  everything I'm wearing, except the boots and the sunglasses are from that wonderfully addictive store.  This outfit was perfect for our Sunday-Funday last week.
Fingers crossed for some of that glorious weather to return this weekend.  No set plans for our weekend as of yet, but we normally make ours at the last minute anyway.

So have a joyful weekend and remember to:
splurge a little, smile at the daffodils, and give in to last minute plans...


  1. I love your outfit. :) Congratulations on the nanny job!!! That sounds great!