good morning, its friday

Friday, March 8, 2013

Good morning friends.  My steaming cup of heavily creamer'd coffee and snoozing corgi are in their proper place, by my side.  The sun is cascading in through my dog-nose decorated windows and the heater is humming quite nicely; its peaceful and beautiful.  Mornings must be my favorite.

Are you a morning person?  I never really thought I was.  Always hopeful in trying to steer clear of the peppiness my mom always had as she glided into our rooms in the morning singing her "time to get up" tune in the cheeriest voice she had.  She is definitely a morning person, and I guess, so am I.

Its Friday again, and that alone makes me smile.   Other things doing that:

....the pink buds that keep getting bigger and bigger on our front oak tree; sweetly reminding me that "Spring is coming, they promise."

....the delicious spice rubbed flank steak that is simmering in the crock-pot this morning, beef carnitas tacos for dinner, a happy Friday indeed. of my favorite holidays will be here soon!  Green beer, corned beef, and my second shamrock 8k race with my husband and some best friends will make next weekend one of my favorites.

....getting stronger, running longer, and looking better!  A little more than ten pounds lost, a few more to go, but gosh darnit does it feel good!!

What is making you smile lately?  I would love to hear.

Oh, and how about a yummy recipe for your weekend.
I made these last Sunday for breakfast, that turned into brunch because we're lazy like that.  Perfect little bites of egg, ham, and cheese.  Pair with a glass of OJ, a hot cup of joe, and your husbands oversized T-shirt and you have yourself the perfect weekend morning.

Happy weekending friends!

Oh and don't forget to Spring your clocks forward Saturday night!Yay for more hours of daylight!
Spring, is that you I hear knocking?!



  1. Dog nose decorated windows are the best. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Katie!

  2. Congrats on the 10 lbs! You look fabulous :)