love & hate

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1. I LOVE Thursdays that are actually Fridays.  Long weekends are seriously the best, spending them in your favorite coastal town with you family just makes it that much better.

2. I LOVE my spin class days.  I do a spin class two days a week and those workouts are always my favorite.  Want to burn over 800 calories in a hour? duh. Want to push yourself & see how strong you actually are?  Try spin, I promise you will get addicted.

3.  I LOVE basketball.  More games on tonight; cheering for my Buckeyes & Blue Devils this weekend.  Tonight I will cheer them on with a nice cold happy-long-weekend/spring-break to me! beer.  

4.  I LOVE my new mint skinny's, they go with EVERYTHING.  So far pink lace + mint is my favorite combination.  Also loving my new Aztec print dress & sheer animal-print top.  I told Chris I am going for more of a boho-chic look this summer.  He gave me his, "I don't really know what that means, but I love you anyways" smile.  He's so cute.
5.  I HATE that Spring is being stubborn and taking her sweet time to arrive.  Other than 1 glorious 60 degree day it has been down right cold.  For heavens sake we had snow & sleet last week, in Virginia Beach mind you.  This ish is cray.

6.  I LOVE blog posts inspired by blog comments.  Thanks Cait!  You the best :)

Happy Thursday, enjoy the rest of your week & have a EGGcelent weekend!  haha...too much?!?



  1. Go Blue Devils! I will have a cold beer (or five!) this weekend. :) Thank goodness for long weekends!

  2. Just now seeing this post! I'm at odds with Google Chrome right now, Safari for the win. But reallly every time you talk about fashion I'm like "hellooooo this lady needs to be a CAbi girl..." Mint, Aztec... ahhh perfection. We need to chat when you're back in EI. :)