March Madness

Monday, March 25, 2013

So basketball has officially taken over my life for the time being.  I wake up thinking about it and go to sleep dreaming about it.  You could call it a slight obsession if you really wanted to.  I find it funny, I'm the sports fanatic in the family, not Chris.   But he doesn't seem to mind too much, he knows in a month it will all be over & he can have his TV back.  I do try and appease him by making homemade pizza and surprising him with a 6-pack of his favorite beer.  But he is wise to my schemes and fully understands the next ten hours will be filled with watching college basketball.  Surprisingly, he offered to grill-out wings this weekend in honor of March Madness; so grill we did, in the rain with that secret recipe that is oh so delicious.

Other weekendy things:
An early morning breakfast at our favorite spot, making him watch me try on jeans for over an hour(God bless him), a run at the park followed by a much needed stop at Whole foods for healthy goodies, protein bars & beer, and some last minute Easter basket shopping.

Oh, and you know that glorious feeling you get when your taxes are done?  Yeah, that happened this weekend too.

And just a tad bit of basketball was watched, just a tad.
And I'm sure you want to know that my bracket is still looking good.  My teams are still in and moving on to the next round, which isn't until Thursday so I will let Chris have the TV until then.  



  1. 1. I LOVE Whole Foods.

    2. I LOVE the blue.

    3. I HATE taxes. #nightmare

    4. My computer hasn't been letting me comment (annoying) but I'm thinking it was Google Chrome... Safari seems to be working (as is evidenced by this comment haha but I've definitely been reading!! :)