on my mind...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

this steaming cup of coffee is telling me its morning,
a good morning to write, rainy windows will do that 
here it is again, the desire to escape, to run away
the feeling is almost tangible
this ache in my soul to be somewhere else, anywhere else
somewhere with sand and with trees, with books and tea
quite hours to think and sit and just be
it comes and goes
and so here it is again
your words, dancing around my head, never leaving
my conviction
missing so many people, missing myself
shes been lost for a while, lost in thought, in a deep weird space
she's coming back, slowly but surely
with new perspective, new experiences that have grown and changed her
taming the ghosts inside my head/I walk slow/take my hand help me on my way
please save your judgments
I have no room for yours, I am filled to brim with my own
song lyrics intertwined, my soul sings with them
that day on the beach, so many years ago,
I said yes, and you smiled
because you already knew
but this life, this journey is hard, 
how lucky I am that my partner in crime you will forever be
words simply fall short 
and so I will love you, with the pieces of my heart,
for my entire life
and long after
losing and finding, holding on and letting go
this dance is difficult, learning the steps as I go
please be patience with me
and after all that, here I am still left with the sadness of uncertainty 
coffee gone cold, reheating is a crime
my refuge is calling, but for now I cannot answer...
hello tuesday

 {your turn}


there's something about...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

There's just something about....

........Saturday morning patio sitting, an entire pot of coffee to yourself, and hour long conversations with your mom.  All necessary & good for the soul....

......running that extra mile {or two}... I promise, you will never regret it.  Oh and to be able to say, "I ran 13 miles this week" yeah, that's a pretty fantastic feeling too....

.....Drinking water or anything really{diet coke, tea, whiskey}from a mason jar.  Holding on to my Carolina charm & southern ways as much as possible....

......Just me & Lucy weekends, a girls weekend, if you will. When the husband is out of town for work we miss him, don't get us wrong {yes, us. Lucy misses him too} but having the entire bed house to yourself is pretty grand.  Those weekends are about as independent as this co-dependent girl gets, and I love it, I need it.  I think we all do....

.....Spring, underneath that yellow umbrella.  I've said it more than once, but it truly is my favorite spot to enjoy this beautiful season.....

.....Wanting to change everything about your blog, again. {name, design, pictures, Everything}  Its infuriating while  at the same time inspiring.  At least creativity is flowing right?.....

.....Berry season.  Strawberry shortcake, blueberry pancakes, berry-almond summer salad. Oh the possibilities are endless!......

.......Corn-hole, blue skies, shorts & flip flops, a cold beer{or two}, your husband and best friend.  Perfection.

Happy Saturday friends,


miscellany lately

Monday, April 22, 2013

nothing wrong with buying flowers for yourself. springy neon relaxin' with a slice of lime. 
favorite crock pot creation thus far. Corn-hole Saturdays. the best game ever for the worst people ever.
 eating & drinking in style, summer style. basil/chives/mint/oregano/thyme/parsley/rosemary. 
backyard x'plorin. 


Spring v. 2

Friday, April 19, 2013

Our backyard has "Spring" written all over it.  All free moments are spent outside lately, mostly underneath my favorite yellow umbrella.  Thus, the reason for my blogging absence.  But I'm not sorry, my time outside is where I think best, write best, read best.  I find inspiration & creativity there.

I can't help but to fall in love with my simple brick house & lush backyard every Spring.  Petite yellow roses and fresh herbs in  mason jars placed all throughout our house make me smile and makes for convenient mojito making.

I say this with every season, that I truly do not have a favorite.  But spring, I may choose you if I were the choosy type.



Friday, April 12, 2013

My love for sheer animal print tops is getting to be a little obsessive.  Ok, let's be real, my love for any sheer/flowy/fabulous top is a little out of control; my closet for example, is swimming with them.  They are just so easy to throw on over a cami and pair with a great pair of jeans, shorts, or leggings*.  And perfect for a date night of margaritas & chips with the husband or comfy enough to wear to your almost-4hour hair appointment (long hair don't care).

I've noticed lately this has become one of my go-to looks, a uniform, if you will.  Comfortable, chic, and classy with a little bit of an edge; my style like me, is evolving and I'm really liking where its going.

I've been sticking mostly with neutrals and black tops lately, I like the edgier look they give; but honestly ins't everything a little more chic in black & white?!

Francesca's  has been supporting my flowy top addiction and I've always had good luck with finding the perfect pair of jeans here!  And Essie's Butler, please has been my go-to nail shade for the past 3 errr 4 weeks now.  In love is putting it mildly.

So do you have a go-to look?  or  A specific style you are loving right now?  I would love to know.

Hope you have a happy Friday &that your weekend is filled not only with pollen, but lovely spring flowers & as always a little bit of fun!


*I'm still teetering on the subject of leggings.  
Are they pants? are they not!? 
still a little confused with this one :/


the pier at night

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Emerald Isle pier, bustling & busy during the daylight hours with fishermen, touristy families, and rowdy teenagers is all the while still completely beautiful.  But I would have to say the pier at night is by far my favorite.  It's calmer, with the salty air and cool breezes inviting you "to stay a little longer and walk some more"....

Every time I visit Emerald Isle I love it that much more.  Funny, when I grew up here I was so eager to move away.....And now this sleepy island is my refuge, my happy place, she's home.


All pictures taken by my amazing 
brother/amateur photographer, Andrew.

my athlete + a sunburn

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh yeah, that guy?!  I'm pretty proud of him.  He completed his second sprint triathlon this past Saturday.  Swim, bike, then run, sure! why not.  This is something I can say I am perfectly content not competing in.  I'll do a relay and kill the running portion, but swimming and then biking in the same clothes and then running? No thank you.  We have some pretty crazy friends who are training for a Half Iron man & a full Iron man come this fall; so I am sure my guy will jump on that band wagon sooner or later.  Darn you peer pressure.  

And then my Sunday looked like this.  Not kidding, it was seriously, the.best.  Yellow umbrella up! + lemon in my water + new bikini on + corgi by my side (not pictured) = First official day of spring!  And actually it was my first official sunburn of the season, a successful Sunday in my book.  
The weather in Virginia Beach this week is absolutely phenomenal and I am soaking up every once of it.  I am currently sitting under that yellow umbrella with my morning cup of joe, writing this intellectually stimulating blog post....but I have a meeting with some running shoes, and then an appointment with the newest Glamour mag & a mason jar full of tea.  A busy morning indeed.

Truly everything is better outside, no?


Easter is pretty colorful isn't it?

Friday, April 5, 2013

A happy & colorful Easter indeed.


spring break things

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cheers to April and to Spring, because I think (fingers crossed) she has finally arrived.

So it's kinda awesome having a job that allows me to enjoy weeks like these.... I've been busy doing "spring break" things this week like: mowing the grass, organizing closets, giving stinky dogs a bath & meandering around Whole Foods for essentials like fresh guacamole, protein bars, and apricot beer.  Long runs, a play date at the park, and lots of pictures to download from my few days in NC are a few of the things left on my spring break to-do list.

As always, I love spending time on the sleepy island where I grew up.  It was a lovely Easter Sunday that doubled as my baby brothers 18th birthday. Add a few days of lazy tea drinking, chatting & shopping with mom, and cruising around in my brothers new car to that list and you have yourself a nice little getaway.  Oh, and we watched a lot basketball and no, I don't want to to talk about it.

Lots of half written, un-edited posts, accumulating pictures of lovely miscellaneous things, and inspired thoughts all filling my head and my computer screen.  Good things to come, I promise.

But first, savoring these last few sips of coffee and then its off to spin class I go.  Enjoying every last minute of this week, soaking it all up and relishing in my time.  Nothing quite like relishing, I think I do it quite nicely....