my athlete + a sunburn

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh yeah, that guy?!  I'm pretty proud of him.  He completed his second sprint triathlon this past Saturday.  Swim, bike, then run, sure! why not.  This is something I can say I am perfectly content not competing in.  I'll do a relay and kill the running portion, but swimming and then biking in the same clothes and then running? No thank you.  We have some pretty crazy friends who are training for a Half Iron man & a full Iron man come this fall; so I am sure my guy will jump on that band wagon sooner or later.  Darn you peer pressure.  

And then my Sunday looked like this.  Not kidding, it was seriously,  Yellow umbrella up! + lemon in my water + new bikini on + corgi by my side (not pictured) = First official day of spring!  And actually it was my first official sunburn of the season, a successful Sunday in my book.  
The weather in Virginia Beach this week is absolutely phenomenal and I am soaking up every once of it.  I am currently sitting under that yellow umbrella with my morning cup of joe, writing this intellectually stimulating blog post....but I have a meeting with some running shoes, and then an appointment with the newest Glamour mag & a mason jar full of tea.  A busy morning indeed.

Truly everything is better outside, no?


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  1. I am so jealous that you were able to lay out!!! That's amazing. Chicago isn't quite there yet. ;) Congratulations to Chris, too! That is really impressive!