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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

this steaming cup of coffee is telling me its morning,
a good morning to write, rainy windows will do that 
here it is again, the desire to escape, to run away
the feeling is almost tangible
this ache in my soul to be somewhere else, anywhere else
somewhere with sand and with trees, with books and tea
quite hours to think and sit and just be
it comes and goes
and so here it is again
your words, dancing around my head, never leaving
my conviction
missing so many people, missing myself
shes been lost for a while, lost in thought, in a deep weird space
she's coming back, slowly but surely
with new perspective, new experiences that have grown and changed her
taming the ghosts inside my head/I walk slow/take my hand help me on my way
please save your judgments
I have no room for yours, I am filled to brim with my own
song lyrics intertwined, my soul sings with them
that day on the beach, so many years ago,
I said yes, and you smiled
because you already knew
but this life, this journey is hard, 
how lucky I am that my partner in crime you will forever be
words simply fall short 
and so I will love you, with the pieces of my heart,
for my entire life
and long after
losing and finding, holding on and letting go
this dance is difficult, learning the steps as I go
please be patience with me
and after all that, here I am still left with the sadness of uncertainty 
coffee gone cold, reheating is a crime
my refuge is calling, but for now I cannot answer...
hello tuesday

 {your turn}


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  1. i tried to comment the first time i read it. i've gone back several times since.

    there are no words, only goosebumps.

    truly, remarkably, stunningly beautiful and poignant.