spring break things

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cheers to April and to Spring, because I think (fingers crossed) she has finally arrived.

So it's kinda awesome having a job that allows me to enjoy weeks like these.... I've been busy doing "spring break" things this week like: mowing the grass, organizing closets, giving stinky dogs a bath & meandering around Whole Foods for essentials like fresh guacamole, protein bars, and apricot beer.  Long runs, a play date at the park, and lots of pictures to download from my few days in NC are a few of the things left on my spring break to-do list.

As always, I love spending time on the sleepy island where I grew up.  It was a lovely Easter Sunday that doubled as my baby brothers 18th birthday. Add a few days of lazy tea drinking, chatting & shopping with mom, and cruising around in my brothers new car to that list and you have yourself a nice little getaway.  Oh, and we watched a lot basketball and no, I don't want to to talk about it.

Lots of half written, un-edited posts, accumulating pictures of lovely miscellaneous things, and inspired thoughts all filling my head and my computer screen.  Good things to come, I promise.

But first, savoring these last few sips of coffee and then its off to spin class I go.  Enjoying every last minute of this week, soaking it all up and relishing in my time.  Nothing quite like relishing, I think I do it quite nicely....



  1. Love everything about this!! Except that I didn't get to see you during your quick trip home. Next time is a MUST. :) Enjoy your break! xoxo

  2. Sounds like such a relaxing weekend! Whole Foods has amazing guacamole, don't they?