Friday, April 12, 2013

My love for sheer animal print tops is getting to be a little obsessive.  Ok, let's be real, my love for any sheer/flowy/fabulous top is a little out of control; my closet for example, is swimming with them.  They are just so easy to throw on over a cami and pair with a great pair of jeans, shorts, or leggings*.  And perfect for a date night of margaritas & chips with the husband or comfy enough to wear to your almost-4hour hair appointment (long hair don't care).

I've noticed lately this has become one of my go-to looks, a uniform, if you will.  Comfortable, chic, and classy with a little bit of an edge; my style like me, is evolving and I'm really liking where its going.

I've been sticking mostly with neutrals and black tops lately, I like the edgier look they give; but honestly ins't everything a little more chic in black & white?!

Francesca's  has been supporting my flowy top addiction and I've always had good luck with finding the perfect pair of jeans here!  And Essie's Butler, please has been my go-to nail shade for the past 3 errr 4 weeks now.  In love is putting it mildly.

So do you have a go-to look?  or  A specific style you are loving right now?  I would love to know.

Hope you have a happy Friday &that your weekend is filled not only with pollen, but lovely spring flowers & as always a little bit of fun!


*I'm still teetering on the subject of leggings.  
Are they pants? are they not!? 
still a little confused with this one :/



  1. It's a very flattering uniform, and you always look fabulous. Love the nails, too.

  2. I love that look, Katie! I recently went through my closet and realized that 99% of my tops are solid colored!. I feel inspired to spice up my wardrobe now! :) That nail color really pops, too. So cute!

  3. No joke, my "uniform" is a v-neck t from old navy, a pair of jeans, and some jewels to spruce it up. You're uniform is much nicer than mine, so major props to you! Love that shirt, I'm a major fan of chiffon as well!