last week

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Last week I tried a few new recipes.   One was a dessert and the other a detox water.  Don't even get me started with how ironic that is, it was a weird week this past one.   A chobani chocolate Greek yogurt topped with walnuts and sliced strawberries helped to soothe my sweet tooth without laying on the guilt.   And the detox water was crisp and refreshing, not that I really noticed a different in my weight or skin, but it made my water extra cucumbery which is always a welcomed change.

The Azaleas popped out last week making me smile.  As well as a hosta I had left for dead, that has decided once again, to prove me wrong and looks perfectly comfortable alongside our brick house.  So resilient plants are, learning lessons even from them.

The overflowing amount of fresh mint from our herb garden makes for nice arrangements of green in the kitchen.   A fruit basket full of lemons and limes, new blue hand towels and a bright yellow tea kettle all help to freshen up our kitchen.

And when all else fails and you just can't shake that grumpy mood, put on your favorite pink lace shirt and some fancy perfume.  Preferably, Chanel No.5, it just seems to give that extra bit of "togetherness" when you aren't really feeling all that "put together".

And as for this week,  they've called for rain every single day, although the sun has been shinning for the past 2 now, so I'm taking that as a good sign.  Fresh flowers on the table,  lemon in my water, and a good book on my nightstand are all positive signs that this week is going to be a good one.

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