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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

 An old farm house, rows upon rows of that bright red fruit, the sweet smell of berries and dusty earth beneath your feet.  Buckets filled to the brim, sampling a fresh berry straight from the vine and that cute beagle pup who greets you with a tail wag and a chew on your flip flop.   The promise of jam, shortcakes overflowing, endless smoothies, daiquiri's, and strawberry margaritas! Truly anything made with this berry is pretty grand.  These are just a few of the things I cherrish about our yearly strawberry picking.  A Springtime tradition I love just as much as this delicious fruit.
And of course, our traditional brother/sister back-from-the-strawberry-patch picture, gosh times have changed.  But I sure do love this kid and that flat of berries.

What are some of your favorite Spring traditions?


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  1. Love this post and dddaaannnngggg gggiiiirrrll your legs are looking good!! (not to sound totally creepy! but get it gurll!)