boat weekends are the best weekends

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If you blink, you might just miss it --my feelings towards this summer.  It has gone by in a whirlwind, a full, hot, relaxing but busy & surely memorable, whirlwind.

This past weekend we basked in two glorious days on the boat.  Sipping a crisp[& first of the season] Oktoberfest, picnicking on the bow, and having front row seats to a magnificent sunset; just to name a few of the reasons why we love this boating thing so much.  We fished lots, catching and releasing, just enjoying the excitement of reeling in, seeing what we caught. And just so you know, I caught more fish than my husband, surprised?!?

As always I got a bit too much sun, as well as a gnarly bruise on my hip/bum, but all worth it.  Its really not a great weekend unless you have something to show for it, right?  Still my favorite part of owning a boat is all the time I get to spend with my husband.  I think I laughed & smiled more this past weekend than I have in a long long time, and that is a good feeling.

I love Summer and I'm sad to see her go, but my feelings towards Fall are strong, she is my soul season afterall.  I'm just looking forward to seeing where our little boat will take us as the weather gets cooler and as our sea legs get stronger.


Summer is for...

Friday, August 23, 2013

staying hydrated....lots of water infused with lemons, limes, fruit, and various herbs; a giant pitcher as well as a large pot of tea is a daily staple in our house during these hot August days...

fresh, from the garden, tomatoes....put on a pizza, in a frittata, or our favorite, a caprese salad....

smiling...being out on the boat with good friends has a funny way of doing that to you...

spa nights in.....simply light your favorite candle, paint your toes, and put on a mud mask [Chris loves it] and you've got the perfect setting for a little pampering, cause you know we all need it sometimes....

this beach view....I've seen a lot of beaches, but she is by far my favorite...

lemonade stands...preferably with the sweetest 9 year old on the block; oh and cookies, you've got to have cookies

dinner experiments....craving coconut Thai soup [always], so now I make it at home, weekly...

fishing....the husband is getting good at it, let's just hope he gets better at not trading in fish for his cell phone....

How are your last days of summer looking? 


good & lazy

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I would like to tell you that we did something other than eat, drink, and be lazy all weekend; but that would be a lie.  

There was a seafood feast on Sunday night to celebrate my husband turning 27, where I ate an entire tuna steak, which is really saying something for this non-seafood lover.  Other ways we celebrated his old age: morning coffee & mimosas in bed, a BIG breakfast with a few of his favorites[stone-ground grits, eggs over-easy, strawberry topped pancakes], and a new bottle of Hendricks Gin. 

Oh and that beer he's drinking was another gift; a 16 percent alcohol by volume beer = cheap date.  And a present to myself this weekend: a new iPhone = the real reason why nothing got done.  

So whether you had a busy weekend or lazy one I sure hope it was good.  Those are truly the best kind, no?!


early august

Friday, August 9, 2013

I love Friday's, especially ones where I skip the gym, have that extra cup of coffee and ignore the extremely over-grown grass in the front{and back}yard.  And I'm not going to feel bad about any of it.  A perfectionist & list-maker to the core, I pride myself on completing tasks, then and only then do I allow myself to feel accomplished for the day.  Sometimes I think I am a little too hard on myself.  Learning to throw that list away [figuratively speaking, let's not get crazy] and enjoy the spontaneity of life, a little more.

I'm not gonna lie, when I was here last I proclaimed that I was going to savor & enjoy these last few weeks of summer to the fullest; and don't worry I am, but I did find myself scouring the internet for cabin rentals while watching Ohio State football reruns one evening this week.  A confession, if you will.  And my heart did do a little leap when I saw this beauty in the beer fridge at Whole Foods.
ohh Octoberfest.  Fall, I see you peaking around the corner, just a few more weeks and I will gladly pour myself a hot mug of pumpkin tea or a cold Octoberfest.

Want to hear something silly?  In honor change, from this point last year to now [for some unknown reason I see August as a transition point] I've painted my nails black. A year ago I thought it wasn't my style or totally me, a little too badass if you will.  But now I wear it proudly.  The black fits, representing the change in me, the good with the bad.  Wiser, dumber, more experienced, older, more simplistic & complicated all in the same breath; it's me.
Chris turns twenty-seven on Sunday, that's hard to think about.  To me, that fact makes me feel very old. But I guess getting older isn't really the problem, the problem is all the people who think you need to start acting older.  That, is the problem.  I believe you can't fully appreciate life or be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.  And we would like to stay in this phase for a little longer, or maybe never leave....
These early days of August hold a special place in my heart, we are going to enjoy them, and I hope you do the same.


soak it up

Friday, August 2, 2013

I hate to admit it, but I'm cheating on summer.  I know I know, its only August, and we still have lots of summertime fun (& heat) ahead of us, but I just can't stop from daydreaming about Fall.  Pumpkin tea, crisp morning air, cozy over-sized sweaters, oysters, football.  I'm excited just thinking about it.

I always do this.  Overly anticipate the next season, rushing the current one into the past even before its halfway over.  Thinking, planning, looking too much into the future (season of course, that's as far as my brain allows) is a flaw of mine.  I am still learning, and my lesson for now is to bask in the moment and soak up every ounce of it.  Loving & concurring each day, one at a time.

So for now, I am going to:

Savor long summer afternoons with my favorite 9 year old.  A girl after my own heart, she loves painting her nails.  That sweet, excited grin she gets when I bring my bag of polishes to work, that expression alone makes my day. And lots more fun is still to be had with these last remaining summer days: a trip to Busch Gardens and a lemonade stand are on the agenda for next week.  I may be biased, but I kinda think I am the best nanny ever.

Continue working on my tan.  Oh and finding the best spots on the beach.  Alone.

Drink beer.  Ha, only kidding [not].   But really, who could say no to a huge cold beer after a long hot August afternoon on the boat?  Oh the life, le sigh.  Chris and I have been finding the coolest spots to dock up and grab a drink or lunch at.  I could give a boat tour with all the best bar stops!  Ah, now that sounds like summer....

A summer corn-hole tournament, a motorcycle ride down to the OBX, an awesome girls weekend, and a big birthday seafood celebration for my guy are all summer plans forming in my head.  And I promise to savor and enjoy every summer moment in between.

But secretly, I will be spending obnoxious amounts of time scrolling down the "holiday/seasons" tab on Pinterest.  I just can't help myself.