early august

Friday, August 9, 2013

I love Friday's, especially ones where I skip the gym, have that extra cup of coffee and ignore the extremely over-grown grass in the front{and back}yard.  And I'm not going to feel bad about any of it.  A perfectionist & list-maker to the core, I pride myself on completing tasks, then and only then do I allow myself to feel accomplished for the day.  Sometimes I think I am a little too hard on myself.  Learning to throw that list away [figuratively speaking, let's not get crazy] and enjoy the spontaneity of life, a little more.

I'm not gonna lie, when I was here last I proclaimed that I was going to savor & enjoy these last few weeks of summer to the fullest; and don't worry I am, but I did find myself scouring the internet for cabin rentals while watching Ohio State football reruns one evening this week.  A confession, if you will.  And my heart did do a little leap when I saw this beauty in the beer fridge at Whole Foods.
ohh Octoberfest.  Fall, I see you peaking around the corner, just a few more weeks and I will gladly pour myself a hot mug of pumpkin tea or a cold Octoberfest.

Want to hear something silly?  In honor change, from this point last year to now [for some unknown reason I see August as a transition point] I've painted my nails black. A year ago I thought it wasn't my style or totally me, a little too badass if you will.  But now I wear it proudly.  The black fits, representing the change in me, the good with the bad.  Wiser, dumber, more experienced, older, more simplistic & complicated all in the same breath; it's me.
Chris turns twenty-seven on Sunday, that's hard to think about.  To me, that fact makes me feel very old. But I guess getting older isn't really the problem, the problem is all the people who think you need to start acting older.  That, is the problem.  I believe you can't fully appreciate life or be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.  And we would like to stay in this phase for a little longer, or maybe never leave....
These early days of August hold a special place in my heart, we are going to enjoy them, and I hope you do the same.



  1. I love that you said wiser and dumber. I totally agree. I feel like the more lessons I learn, the more people I meet, the more wiser I become, the more I embrace other ideas and changes, yet the more dumber I feel because it makes me realize there is so much to left to learn and so many more places and people to experience. Love it!

  2. It was 86 degrees outside when I bought my first 6 pack of Octoberfest this season... no shame, love it so soo much.