good & lazy

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I would like to tell you that we did something other than eat, drink, and be lazy all weekend; but that would be a lie.  

There was a seafood feast on Sunday night to celebrate my husband turning 27, where I ate an entire tuna steak, which is really saying something for this non-seafood lover.  Other ways we celebrated his old age: morning coffee & mimosas in bed, a BIG breakfast with a few of his favorites[stone-ground grits, eggs over-easy, strawberry topped pancakes], and a new bottle of Hendricks Gin. 

Oh and that beer he's drinking was another gift; a 16 percent alcohol by volume beer = cheap date.  And a present to myself this weekend: a new iPhone = the real reason why nothing got done.  

So whether you had a busy weekend or lazy one I sure hope it was good.  Those are truly the best kind, no?!



  1. you have a corgi! so cute! (me too!)

  2. i've been hoarding my upgrade since February. FEBRUARY. I keep thinking a new iPhone is going to come out as soon as I buy the 5. I'm giving Apple until September...

    grapefruit mimosas. heaven.

    umm hello you're looking so tan and cuuute and your curls are perfection.

    AND Hendricks. yes.