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Friday, August 2, 2013

I hate to admit it, but I'm cheating on summer.  I know I know, its only August, and we still have lots of summertime fun (& heat) ahead of us, but I just can't stop from daydreaming about Fall.  Pumpkin tea, crisp morning air, cozy over-sized sweaters, oysters, football.  I'm excited just thinking about it.

I always do this.  Overly anticipate the next season, rushing the current one into the past even before its halfway over.  Thinking, planning, looking too much into the future (season of course, that's as far as my brain allows) is a flaw of mine.  I am still learning, and my lesson for now is to bask in the moment and soak up every ounce of it.  Loving & concurring each day, one at a time.

So for now, I am going to:

Savor long summer afternoons with my favorite 9 year old.  A girl after my own heart, she loves painting her nails.  That sweet, excited grin she gets when I bring my bag of polishes to work, that expression alone makes my day. And lots more fun is still to be had with these last remaining summer days: a trip to Busch Gardens and a lemonade stand are on the agenda for next week.  I may be biased, but I kinda think I am the best nanny ever.

Continue working on my tan.  Oh and finding the best spots on the beach.  Alone.

Drink beer.  Ha, only kidding [not].   But really, who could say no to a huge cold beer after a long hot August afternoon on the boat?  Oh the life, le sigh.  Chris and I have been finding the coolest spots to dock up and grab a drink or lunch at.  I could give a boat tour with all the best bar stops!  Ah, now that sounds like summer....

A summer corn-hole tournament, a motorcycle ride down to the OBX, an awesome girls weekend, and a big birthday seafood celebration for my guy are all summer plans forming in my head.  And I promise to savor and enjoy every summer moment in between.

But secretly, I will be spending obnoxious amounts of time scrolling down the "holiday/seasons" tab on Pinterest.  I just can't help myself.


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