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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fresh cut fruit salad
Can you even call it a recipe if it is just fresh fruit cut up & mixed altogether in a giant bowl?!  A lazy girls fruit salad, if you will -- has been my go-to "recipe" for fruit salads this summer.

All the best seasonal Summer fruits as well as my two favorite staples: a golden delicious apple & a banana, mixed together to make a crisp & simple Summer salad.

Caprese Salad
Another staple in our fridge this summer has been caprese salads.  Really, I'm just trying to use up the tomatoes & basil from our overly productive garden this year [I have even neglected my watering duties as of late, shocking I know].

No measurements in this "recipe" either: just slice up the tomatoes you have on hand, chop up as much basil as you prefer [we like a lot], add cubes of fresh mozzarella, and dress with balsamic vinegar, Extra Virgin olive oil, sea salt, & fresh ground black pepper.  Fresh, light, and delicious-- oh and super easy.

Thai Coconut Chicken soup
Craving Thai coconut chicken soup, always.  It is seriously the best thing in the world.  So I tried this recipe and thought it was a great success.  I added more coconut milk and [the entire jar] of red curry paste, oh and of course topped it off with a little sriracha [always], but keeping mostly to the recipe it was super easy and quite delicious.  Chris' suggestions for next time were: "less vegetables, more meat, & more broth", such a man....

Cucumber lemon "Infused" water
A craving of my husbands lately has been this cucumber-lemon infused water.  I say "infused" but really, thats just fancy for, "sliced lemons & cucumbers thrown together in a pitcher of ice water", very sophisticated indeed.  But if it makes my husband happy, and I get to use my favorite pitcher & offer guests infused water, then so be it.

With Summer fading away into Fall I'm sure my recipes will do the same.  More chili's, stews, and roasted things; I'm eager & happy for the flavor change.  Excited to warm up my kitchen with our overly hot oven and attempt to bake pumpkin into anything I can think of.  An exciting & mostly likely my favorite cooking season will be here before I know it.  Happiness indeed.

But first, are there any Summer recipes I need to try before the season is gone for certain?


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