you know you're "boat people" when...

Friday, September 6, 2013

.....You can stock coolers full of beer, snacks, waters and the like in a matter of minutes.  We've got this boat packing thing down to a science.  The only thing forgotten lately is the memory card for the camera [typical].

.....The men at the bait & tackle shop know you by name and the bartender at your favorite dock-up restaurant waves goodbye with a, "See ya'll next time!".

....The best compliment you've gotten lately is, "you really do look like a boat Princess!!" [cut off shorts, boat bikini, hair braided]

....Two boating days two weekends in a row?!  Attempting to make it a third?

Lots of "boat posts" & pictures this summer, but what can I say, its just what we're into.   This past weekend  was no different.  The only laboring we did was a little bit of boat cleaning and a lot of fishing.  Very labor-intensive actives indeed.

There were friends on the boat,  fun was had, wake boarding was done, and I only fell off the dock once [utterly embarrassing].  Another sunset and early morning fishing, both out in the bay and a driving lesson turned into a wheel take-over where I even docked her up all on my own!

Welcoming September accordingly with a pumpkin ale out in the bay and bundling up in a cozy, over-sized sweater once the sun set, were wonderfully sweet signs that the season I love so, so much is almost upon us.


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