autumn, as of late

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gosh it can be awfully difficult coming back from a blogging break.  No explanation really for my little hiatus, other than sometimes, you just need it. no?

Resurfacing from my creative funk will be a process,  although I am sure to be oozing creativity in no time thanks to this early birthday present from my husband...
Cheers indeed!  This sits atop the "best gifts" list for sure.  My birthday isn't for another week, but I am perfectly content starting the celebrating early.  I mean, why not.

Glad to be back in this little space, finding the happy balance between life lived & life shared is always a bit of a struggle for me.  All or nothing I suppose, or something of the like.  But this creative little outlet has pulled me back in and I am happy and eager to create, write, & share once again.

Fall has been treating us quite nicely.  Fishing days on the boat, oyster roasts, crisp morning runs, all made even better with pumpkins on the porch & homemade apple pie.  I'm a seasons girl, homage must be paid & each glorious change in weather must be enjoyed to the fullest, no matter what life is bringing.

so Autumn, as of late...

Pumpkin seeds, crunchy leaves, cozy scarfs, and that cotton field.  Fall is my soul season after all...

Happy to be back, I sure have missed you.


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