turkey & stuffing, and red wine always

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pumpkins & Turkey live on, at least until Thanksgiving, but red wine always.

We are traveling to our hometown for the Thanksgiving holiday, so of course I'm excited.  New traditions mixed with old, new faces and a few that will be terribly missed.  An over abundance of food is being prepared, of that I am sure.  {even though we declared last year to simplify}

Thankfulness, gratitude, friendship, family, -- togetherness.  And pie.  A wonderful holiday indeed.

Thankful for-- so many things, too many to name.  A supportive and close knit family, friends who love me dearly no matter what, and a husband who has given me all I have ever wanted and so much more.  A job I truly love, a healthy body, and a snuggly corgi who is a constant mood booster.

Sitting here in my warm house with my snoring pup beside me, thankfulness comes easy.  There are times when it does not, of that I know.  But I strive and hope to always be thankful.  Today, tomorrow -- on sunny days & dark ones, I hope to move through this life aware of my blessings and thankful even for the trials.

Now for turkey, casseroles, pie, and wine.  Always wine.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.


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  1. Love this post. I've missed seeing you this November, but can't wait to celebrate Birthdays/Thanksgiving/Christmas in December. Love you! I'm going to have some red wine in your honor tonight :)