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Friday, December 6, 2013

Giving yourself a break sometimes is just as good as sticking to routine.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself this morning.

Needing to break out of my rigid self more often; enjoy an extra cup of coffee, take that lunch with a friend,  sit doing nothing just a little bit longer.  Savor time instead of rushing through it.  Always working on myself, an exhausting task, but necessary none the less.

Embarrassing:  Finally boarded the "snap chat" train,  two years too late, oh well.  Then realized (1) I'm old and (2) I have a total of three people who I would send pictures/videos to.  mega lame.

I also accidentally "liked" my own Facebook picture last night.  Ugh.  Cringe.  Committing this social media sin was equally as embarrassing to my lack of snap chat understanding.  Please don't judge me,  I'm old, it was an accident.  Just had to clear that up.

Also, feeling the need for a change in my life.  So obviously that means my hair color, duh.  Wanting to go dark & really loving the ombre' look, but is that trend over?  Can I bring it back?  Here I am again, coming to the game late.

And how in the world have I gotten away with not doing my Christmas shopping online before now!?   I can sit in my pi's, watching tv, sipping coffee while buying all my Christmas gifts!  It is amazing or dangerous, same thing.   My sweet little macbook remembers all my shipping & Amex info making it all too easy to just "throw it in the bag".  Yay!! Christmas gifts for everybody!!!  oops.

Also good for yourself [meaning me again], allowing the imperfect, random, & kinda awkward moments of your life surface in a blog post.  I'm definitely not perfect, and neither is my life.  Just putting that out there.

Work Christmas party tonight & tree/house decorating this weekend.  Tis the season.


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