February miscellany

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

one year with this little lady-- and I'm all the better for it // eat your heart out // 
stepping up Thursday night dinner // Trader Joe's loot  // a promise kept -- she's on her way //
 sunrise run // 
yoga dog // shorts wearing winter day // February sunset


keeping me honest

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

loving lately?
well, besides this entire pan of Valentine cake batter rice crispy's? not much.  Beware: this recipe is dangerously easy to make & eat.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
Sadly the only reason I am revealing that we consumed cute heart shaped rice crispy's all weekend is so we don't do it again this weekend.  See you're helping to keep me honest.

other things I'm embarrassed by lately:

-- I don't know what I'm ashamed about more: the number boxes of girl scout cookies I ordered or the sad fact that I am counting down the days until they arrive on my doorstep?!  

--I am registered & excited to run the Shamrock 8k here in Virginia Beach for my third year in a row [yay!]  But- I don't remember the last time I ran over 4 miles and even then, the last time I ran was weeks ago [yikes]

--I've started this 30 day squat challenge about 4 times in the past couple of weeks.  Restart number 5 happening today.  Fingers crossed I get past day 3 this time around.  [not likely]

-- I haven't given my dog a bath in over a month, our grass is so overgrown in the front yard the mail man has made a path simply from his daily delivery, I've been reading the same book for the past 4 months.  [chapter 3, that's where I sit]

-- My online "shopping bag" at J. Crew & J. Crew Factory is teetering on silly.  I'm just swooning over everything, including this scarf I got for Valentines Day.  Confession: I've worn it everyday this week.  

Please tell me I'm not the only one dreaming of thin mints & slacking on my workout routine?

And Spring, who's ready for it? hands raised!

10 inches of snow is cause for complaining

Monday, February 17, 2014

from the ten inches of snow from a few weeks ago...

A few inches of snow is cause for celebration, but ten inches of snow, well nobody has time for that.  Beautiful yes, inconvenient & cold, definitely.  A few days of no school/work/driving but thankful for a full fridge and Netflix to get us through.  With 15 inches in the month of January alone it is safe to say I've had all the snow I can take this year.  Winter -- you have been cold & refreshing but I am ready to see you go, I think we all are.

Last years snowfall -- a small celebration


to my husband on Valentines day

Friday, February 14, 2014

There is no other man I want to steal razors from...

or continually fight over the thermostat with...

there is no other person I feel more comfortable around in my sweatpants & no makeup face..

or in high heels & fancy lipstick...

there is no other man I enjoy rolling my eyes at as much as you...

or sharing a tiny bathroom mirror with..

there is no other mans old t-shirts, sweaters, & occasionally cologne I want to wear...

or keys I want to help find....

there is no other person I would rather pay bills with..

or put my cold feet on...

there is no other man whose dirty clothes I want to wash...

or go on donut & coffee dates with...

there is no other person I want to have a Netflix binge with...

or ruin our diets & eat an entire large pizza with....

There is no other person I want to enjoy this crazy life with...

or create a family with...

And there is truly no other man whom I love as much as you.

Happy Valentines Day to my husband, the only man I want to spend this silly holiday with.

I love you.


on a friday in February

Friday, February 7, 2014

hello friends & happy Friday!

We made it a full week without snow so I would say that is a success.  I am feeling almost 100 percent so that too has me equally excited; darn flu took me downnn.   A few house projects to finish this weekend, aka - Chris has projects to finish, there's a bridesmaid dress to order,  and some last minute Vday activities- card writing & gift buying but that seems to be all we have on our plates so far this weekend.

I'm thinking sushi for dinner tonight & maybe a little winter olympics watching?  What are your friday night plans?

Hoping you have a fun weekend, with whatever comes your way!

Oh-- and these cards might have me rethinking my stance on Valentine's Day.  So cute.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Honeycrisp apples the size of your head.  "Price per pound" fly's right out the window, who really cares when you find a beauty like this?  
Balmy 60 degree days in January and breaking in new running shoes.  One of the things I truly love about this city are the great public parks & emphasis on staying fit & getting outside.  It is Virginia Beach after all...
Celebrating birthdays with cupcakes on the floor.  She loved it, in case you were worried.  
Yoga, at home.  Peaceful & quite, letting the early morning light roll in, beauty & strength all around.  
Snow days.  Fifteen inches of snow in the month of January alone makes for a slightly erratic city; but I certainly won't object to snowy play days, pots of chili, & bottomless cups of coffee.  And my silly corgi loves the snow just as much as I do, which makes my heart swell.  
Embracing my inability to make a decision.  "Why yes, I will have coffee, water, and a mimosa please.  And make it a large mimosa while you're at it!" ;)  Also, brunch might be my favorite meal, but enjoyed with great friends, is seriously the cherry on top.  
Sunday projects, that make you feel wonderfully productive & make that evening glass of wine worth it.  Couches were cleaned, light fixtures [that have been waiting to be hung for 2 years now] were hung,  closet doors were cut.  And this beautiful gift from some best friends made its home in our kitchen.  I love it.  Fits perfectly over my favorite little spot in our kitchen.   
This guy.  Sorry for the mush, but I am glad to have him home.  Work travel is bittersweet, I like having the house to myself on occasion, but having him here is so much better.  Dinner for one, is just  too lonely.  I love my companion, he makes life fun and enjoyable.

Also enjoying:
This book and lots of green tea.

Getting back to my spin class 2 days a week.  I've missed it and so have my legs.

Falling asleep at 7:30 on the couch two nights in a row.  Lame yes, but the sleep was good.  Oh so wonderful especially after being sick.

Springy plans and projects.  It helps to get through the winter-blues when there are fun things to look forward to.  A bachelorette party, garage-cleaing-out-extravaganza, and visiting family for Easter just to name a few...

What are you enjoying lately?


a list you should have

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

After stumbling across a Emily's blog, one I should have been following years ago, I can't stop meandering through post after post.  Her recipes, style, diy's, design, writing, -- well, lets just say I love it all.

This post was so great I wanted to recreate it and answer the questions for myself & share; since, after all I do consider myself a happy woman.

8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have 

1. A go-to drink
a glass of cabernet or a mimosa
2. A go-to karaoke song 
"killing me softly" by the Fugees  
3. A uniform
skinny jeans, chiffon top, nude heals or cowboy boots, & ray bans 
4. A hair stylist they love
Rachel, at Ulta in Virginia Beach #thebestever 
5. An exercise routine 
I like to try and run at least 8 miles a week, yoga 3x's a week, & spin 2 x's a week
6. A hobby
Running - yoga - reading - photo taking - writing 
7. A best friend
I have a few very close girlfriends & my husband.  A small circle, but one that I love and cherish.
8. A healthy sense of self
Becoming the woman I am meant to be is definitely a journey.  Always striving to have more patience & compassion -- living simple yet joyful, growing in faith and love, always.

so I'm curious how would you answer this list?

And do you follow Cupcakes and cashmere