Thursday, February 6, 2014

Honeycrisp apples the size of your head.  "Price per pound" fly's right out the window, who really cares when you find a beauty like this?  
Balmy 60 degree days in January and breaking in new running shoes.  One of the things I truly love about this city are the great public parks & emphasis on staying fit & getting outside.  It is Virginia Beach after all...
Celebrating birthdays with cupcakes on the floor.  She loved it, in case you were worried.  
Yoga, at home.  Peaceful & quite, letting the early morning light roll in, beauty & strength all around.  
Snow days.  Fifteen inches of snow in the month of January alone makes for a slightly erratic city; but I certainly won't object to snowy play days, pots of chili, & bottomless cups of coffee.  And my silly corgi loves the snow just as much as I do, which makes my heart swell.  
Embracing my inability to make a decision.  "Why yes, I will have coffee, water, and a mimosa please.  And make it a large mimosa while you're at it!" ;)  Also, brunch might be my favorite meal, but enjoyed with great friends, is seriously the cherry on top.  
Sunday projects, that make you feel wonderfully productive & make that evening glass of wine worth it.  Couches were cleaned, light fixtures [that have been waiting to be hung for 2 years now] were hung,  closet doors were cut.  And this beautiful gift from some best friends made its home in our kitchen.  I love it.  Fits perfectly over my favorite little spot in our kitchen.   
This guy.  Sorry for the mush, but I am glad to have him home.  Work travel is bittersweet, I like having the house to myself on occasion, but having him here is so much better.  Dinner for one, is just  too lonely.  I love my companion, he makes life fun and enjoyable.

Also enjoying:
This book and lots of green tea.

Getting back to my spin class 2 days a week.  I've missed it and so have my legs.

Falling asleep at 7:30 on the couch two nights in a row.  Lame yes, but the sleep was good.  Oh so wonderful especially after being sick.

Springy plans and projects.  It helps to get through the winter-blues when there are fun things to look forward to.  A bachelorette party, garage-cleaing-out-extravaganza, and visiting family for Easter just to name a few...

What are you enjoying lately?


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