on a friday in February

Friday, February 7, 2014

hello friends & happy Friday!

We made it a full week without snow so I would say that is a success.  I am feeling almost 100 percent so that too has me equally excited; darn flu took me downnn.   A few house projects to finish this weekend, aka - Chris has projects to finish, there's a bridesmaid dress to order,  and some last minute Vday activities- card writing & gift buying but that seems to be all we have on our plates so far this weekend.

I'm thinking sushi for dinner tonight & maybe a little winter olympics watching?  What are your friday night plans?

Hoping you have a fun weekend, with whatever comes your way!

Oh-- and these cards might have me rethinking my stance on Valentine's Day.  So cute.

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  1. Hii pretty! Love your last 3 posts! Emily is a goddess and & I may have to recreate that cute little list too!

    We had snow here too and I always feel like the minority when I say I love it! We even had a dusting last night (it's already gone) but it's so pretty to wake up to.. but it does get old after a few days. I guess it's safe to say I belong in the South (at the beach!)

    So happy you're warming up to Valentine's Day… it really is fun haha :)

    Happy weekend! xo