weekend away {Savannah}

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A few blurry but super rad {iPhone}snapshots from a rather short but aaaamazing weekend in Savannah.   One of my best girl friends and bride-to-be is getting hitched in a little over a month, so a weekend away in a gorgeous old southern home with penis straws and glow sticks was the perfect way to celebrate! 

And celebrate we did!  Not sharing details because well, what happens in Savannah stays in Savannah.....or something like that ;)

But I do know one thing, a trip back to this beautiful place is a must.  The small bits we saw and experienced made me fall in love with this old southern city, I would love to visit again someday soon.  

These ladies-- I needed them, the weekend, the fun, and the adventure.  We all need escapes like that every once and a while.  I am truly blessed to have these wonderful women in my life.


will run for beer

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shamrock 8k -- Three years running! --pun totally intended.

Such a fun race & day!  I almost beat this guy even with shaving 3 minutes off my time from last year.  I'll beat him next year for sure.  So thankful for sweet friends & family near and far who cheered us on & for those who greeted us at the finish line!

I was so inspired & encouraged after the race I signed up for a half marathon in October, my first.  I am excited to train, set new goals, and challenge myself.  Oh and there will be free beer at the finish line so you know I'm in.


Thank you to my sweet friend Stephanie, from Honeycutt Photo for capturing the fun on our race day!

on a friday in {march}

Friday, March 14, 2014

good morning and happy Friday.  Happy indeed-- my hard working man comes home today, to only leave again on Monday, but the weekend will be a good one.  I've learned I like my home, my quiet, my space; but having someone to share all of that with, well, I think that is the key to life right there.

Excited for a fun weekend!  I'm thinking lots of our time will be spent at the Virginia Beach oceanfront with us running the 8k on Saturday and friends running the marathon on Sunday.  Fingers crossed I will be doing that or the at least the half marathon next year.

There is an extra large bottle of Jameson on the counter [don't judge, it was on sale] and a corned beef that is just waiting to accompany some cabbage.  I think I'm half Irish or at least I claim to be, so of course this "holiday" holds a special place in my heart.  I see a Guinness, Irish cheddar cheese[thebest], running shoes, and lots of basketball watching in my future.  happiness indeed.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!  Wear something green, do something fun, and enjoy a beer at 8:30 in the morning ok?!  Because you know that's what I will be doing.

Topping it all off, there are daisy's on the table.  "Don't you think daisy's are the friendliest flower!?"


{early march}

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Enjoying so many things lately & so many great things to look forward too this march, a fun and beautiful season is upon us.

A Corgi princess atop her pile-o-pillows; sleepy sunday mornings are our girl time.

Healthy breakfasts on a Saturday morning; and then he went for a run and I took a nap.  perfection.

Yellow tulips -- hoping to coerce spring into showing up, soon.  Or just helping to make me smile on these dreary/snowy last days of winter.

We love Saturdays! especially ones with good friends, oysters, and your basketball team winning! Aren't those kinds of days simply the best?

Nothing, and I truly mean nothing in this world like watching a sunrise on a dock.  A small waterway at the back of our not-so-big neighborhood is quite different from my island home, but the view & sunrises are all the same-- breathtaking.

A gorgeous! Sunday afternoon calls for fancy straws and lemon water; also rolling those pant legs up and catching a few rays while reading a good book.  Yes- to all of it.

Just doing my part in supporting the youth of the community.  The beginning of lent coinciding with Girl Scout cookie season, well that's just cruel.  

This seriously might be my favorite meal ever -- yes, I'm serious.  I could eat chips/salsa/guac everyday and be happy.  Good thing I will be able to do that this summer, in MEXICO!  [6 months until vacay, this meal was to help us celebrate]

So what wonderful miscellany is this early March bringing to you?  Oh & our daffodils have [finally] popped up!  So a big cheers to that!



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A day for the books indeed.  Nothing spectacular happened and I think that's why I loved it and needed it so.  A wide open Saturday all to myself; a 5 mile run, lemon in my iced tea, sandals and my favorite pink chair.  A yoga mat that lay sprawled on the floor all day, corgi brushing and walking, a new nail color I'm totally digging right now, and basketball because that's what you watch in March. 

I love that having the entire day to myself doesn't include bouts of boredom.  I have hobbies-- which to me is exciting!  I not only have an answer for those awkward questionnaires but these interests of mine keep me entertained, I feel independent and strong-- not having to relying on someone else to validate me or keep me busy.  Which is not someone I have always been; actually I would say this is relatively new development and I am really really liking it.

Saturday, a day for my soul.  I think we all need a day like that once in a while. 


superfood chili {a recipe}

Thursday, March 6, 2014

To go with the snow this week I made a big pot of chili; nothing quite like a big bowl of deliciousness on a snowy evening.
I found the recipe on Pinch of Yum!  Jalepeno Sweet Potato Chicken Chili -- superfood heaven in a bowl.  The recipe was simple and because of my snow day I was able to let it simmer a long while, developing those flavors-- soup magic I suppose.

Sweet potatoes, black beans, garlic, tomatoes, jalepenos!  You really can't go wrong with all those wonderful & healthy ingredients.  I tweaked the recipe a bit: adding an extra sweet potato, not adding the ground flax meal{cause I didn't have any on hand}, chopped chicken instead of shredded and I used an extra jalepeno or two!  The spicier the better.

And I must say it is a new favorite.  I will definitely be making this again and again and again.
I am purposely not posting the recipe here because if you haven't been to Pinch of Yum yet, then you need to head over there ASAP.   Since I kinda consider myself a bit of foodie, this blog has become a new favorite.  So many great recipes! -- healthy ones & not, easy directions, and the photos!  Well they make me want to lick my computer screen, I'm not even kidding.  

I like to think of this pot of chili as my one last nod to winter and all the warm comforting dishes that are perfect during her time of the year.  But I'm over it.  I'm ready for salads, berries, burgers, iced coffee, corn on the cob & beer-brats on the charcoal grill!  Who's with me!?


springy snow

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Only a few inches and it melted quickly.  We've had so much snow this winter our city may not have any sand left on the beach this summer!  I kid I kid, but you know its bad when kids don't even want to go outside and play in it.  School on a Saturday can kill any excitement of a snow day, that's for sure.  

The pink buds and my lone daffodil are still standing{sorta} and we get to Spring forward an hour this upcoming weekend, so cheers to nature's promise and sunlight past 6 o'clock!  Spring is coming, I know she is, this was just winter's last wave goodbye.  See you later alligator.  We're snowoverit. 


snow on a monday, in march

Monday, March 3, 2014

Its monday, its March & guess what? its snowing.  And funny enough, I'm ok with it.

I could sit here and complain, letting my whiney thoughts towards all things winter/snow/cold pile up -- but I refuse.  I am determined to enjoy this day; savor the quiet and the beauty a snowy day can bring.

I'm great at relishing and so with comfy clothes, a warm house, candles, my corgi gnawing greedily on her bone, & cup of coffee number 3; I relish another{and hopefully last}snowy day this winter.  While snow covers nearby roofs and scares the poor daffodils that have just begun to pop; I sit inside, warm, relishing, yet eager for Spring.

So while I enviously stare at the smoke coming from our neighbors chimney[#1 priority in our next home, a fireplace] and the pink buds on the trees, I am keeping my faith in Spring.

 At home pedicure, Sex and the City marathon, and a big bowl of chicken chili are a few creature comforts on my plate today.  Not a bad monday if you ask me.

Oh yeah,  this was yesterday.  Sunny, 70 degrees, lemon in my water -- and today, its snowing. Virginia Beach weather at its finest.  thisishcray.