{early march}

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Enjoying so many things lately & so many great things to look forward too this march, a fun and beautiful season is upon us.

A Corgi princess atop her pile-o-pillows; sleepy sunday mornings are our girl time.

Healthy breakfasts on a Saturday morning; and then he went for a run and I took a nap.  perfection.

Yellow tulips -- hoping to coerce spring into showing up, soon.  Or just helping to make me smile on these dreary/snowy last days of winter.

We love Saturdays! especially ones with good friends, oysters, and your basketball team winning! Aren't those kinds of days simply the best?

Nothing, and I truly mean nothing in this world like watching a sunrise on a dock.  A small waterway at the back of our not-so-big neighborhood is quite different from my island home, but the view & sunrises are all the same-- breathtaking.

A gorgeous! Sunday afternoon calls for fancy straws and lemon water; also rolling those pant legs up and catching a few rays while reading a good book.  Yes- to all of it.

Just doing my part in supporting the youth of the community.  The beginning of lent coinciding with Girl Scout cookie season, well that's just cruel.  

This seriously might be my favorite meal ever -- yes, I'm serious.  I could eat chips/salsa/guac everyday and be happy.  Good thing I will be able to do that this summer, in MEXICO!  [6 months until vacay, this meal was to help us celebrate]

So what wonderful miscellany is this early March bringing to you?  Oh & our daffodils have [finally] popped up!  So a big cheers to that!


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