Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A day for the books indeed.  Nothing spectacular happened and I think that's why I loved it and needed it so.  A wide open Saturday all to myself; a 5 mile run, lemon in my iced tea, sandals and my favorite pink chair.  A yoga mat that lay sprawled on the floor all day, corgi brushing and walking, a new nail color I'm totally digging right now, and basketball because that's what you watch in March. 

I love that having the entire day to myself doesn't include bouts of boredom.  I have hobbies-- which to me is exciting!  I not only have an answer for those awkward questionnaires but these interests of mine keep me entertained, I feel independent and strong-- not having to relying on someone else to validate me or keep me busy.  Which is not someone I have always been; actually I would say this is relatively new development and I am really really liking it.

Saturday, a day for my soul.  I think we all need a day like that once in a while. 



  1. WHAT IS THAT PERFECT NAIL COLOR!! Ahhhh I am loving these photos, take me back to the east coast! ALSO, Ben is in VB right now, he's doing some pre deployment training!

  2. I love that nail color toooo! & I'm jealous of that sun shining on your pink chair...I'm SO ready for those Saturday's here!