snow on a monday, in march

Monday, March 3, 2014

Its monday, its March & guess what? its snowing.  And funny enough, I'm ok with it.

I could sit here and complain, letting my whiney thoughts towards all things winter/snow/cold pile up -- but I refuse.  I am determined to enjoy this day; savor the quiet and the beauty a snowy day can bring.

I'm great at relishing and so with comfy clothes, a warm house, candles, my corgi gnawing greedily on her bone, & cup of coffee number 3; I relish another{and hopefully last}snowy day this winter.  While snow covers nearby roofs and scares the poor daffodils that have just begun to pop; I sit inside, warm, relishing, yet eager for Spring.

So while I enviously stare at the smoke coming from our neighbors chimney[#1 priority in our next home, a fireplace] and the pink buds on the trees, I am keeping my faith in Spring.

 At home pedicure, Sex and the City marathon, and a big bowl of chicken chili are a few creature comforts on my plate today.  Not a bad monday if you ask me.

Oh yeah,  this was yesterday.  Sunny, 70 degrees, lemon in my water -- and today, its snowing. Virginia Beach weather at its finest.  thisishcray.


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  1. I like your positivity!! I for one, am ready for some spring days!! I'll send any more snow we get down to VA ;]