on a friday {in April!}

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Friday friends!  Friday seems to be the only day lately I have the "urge" or honestly the desire to blog.  Oh ho-hum, for now I'm rolling with it.

Sitting outside in shorts! writing this post as I speak-- err write.  White blooms, pink buds, very tall green grass, and yellow pollen abound -- Spring, cheers to you and your much welcomed arrival.

Weekend plans, sorta.  There are basketball games on, didn't you know! & an obnoxious dead rosemary bush in my herb garden that needs to be gone and a front{and back} yard that needs some love. Weekend yard work for the win!  Some running & grilling hopefully, and fresh margarita making are all happy ideas on my imaginary weekend list-- I try to leave the "real" to-do lists for the week.  I know, I'm wild.

Looking forward to amping up my training/workouts next week, I do have a half-marathon to train for after all.

There is a happy corgi snooffing through the yard, pizza dough rising, and I crushed a 5k and a power yoga class this morning-- a happy Friday indeed.

Happy weekending!  Do something fun, something relaxing, and something a little out of the ordinary-- you know I will be.

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