weekends in Spring + a recipe

Monday, April 7, 2014

Making all of that yard work even more rewarding -- the hard earned beer and smile of pride when you are done!  I love my house, but the backyard is my favorite place to be.  And Saturdays when you get to grill fish tacos & share homemade margaritas and guacamole with your husband while basking in your just groomed lawn; well, I think those are the best days ever.  

The fish tacos were awesome! -- recipe found here.  And I must say my husband makes one heckofa margarita.  No lie.  He uses fresh limes, agave nectar,  naval oranges, triple sec, & {lots} of tequila -- best margaritas ever.  And since they are all natural and fresh, you don't feel so bad drinking an entire pitcher!  ohwell, it was Saturday.  

A relaxing but productive weekend; other actives that made it smile worthy -- an early morning run, fresh cut flowers, coffee on the patio, and lazy couch time with the corgi.  

Hope your weekend turned out wonderful as well.


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