lately-- just me and the corgi

Thursday, May 15, 2014

when your husband is out of town a lot lately you :

get to load up your grocery basket with all the things you like! & eat as weird of a dinner as you want!  i.e.: peppers&hummus, a sweet potato, and grapes!  or an entire container of granola, whichever.  So basically I'm a vegetarian when I don't have someone to cook for.

talk to your dog, a lot.

watch as much sports as you want!!! NHL - NBA - NFL Draft! -  oh! and the world cup is on its wayyy!  Who's excited?!

make a few too many clothes purchases online. oops.  oh, But the sales!!! Go here & here! freeshippingand30percentoff! duh.

Do yoga in the middle of the living room at 9:30 at night.  And leave said yoga mat sprawled out all week long.

finish a book in one weekend & start on another!  -- Any must read! book suggestions for those hazy beach/boat days coming up?

run your little heart out.  Lots of really good long-runs and shorter runs lately, which is making me super excited for my first half-marathon later this year.  Feeling pretty confident with the distance{13.1}, I just want to keep increasing my weekly mileage (hovering around 18 miles lately) and decrease my time.

work on those tan lines!  I could lay in the sun  I just love it.  But don't worry {mom} I bought sunscreen.

Go to bed anytime you want! i.e.: 8:30 on a Tuesday & a Wednesday, no shame.
We definitely miss him, but in a healthy way.  I like my simple little life, and the fact that it keeps on rolling when its just me and the corgi, well I like that even more.  But please please don't get me wrong, having someone whom you love and makes you laugh! to share all this with, well that is really the best part.

And I can't take the boat out on my own, so I definitely need him for that ;)


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